'My self-esteem can't take it': Bride doesn't want 'too pretty' bridesmaids to upstage her

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An Australian bride is a serious contender for biggest bridezilla of 2018 thanks to her recent social media rant.

An anonymous bride-to-be took to a Facebook wedding group looking for sympathy, admitting that she didn’t want her bridesmaids to steal her thunder on her special day.

“Probably unpopular opinion here,” the post began, “but I can’t be the only want who wants my bridesmaids to feel pretty… but not TOO pretty. My self-esteem can’t take it.”

The bride continued, “I have to KNOW that I will be the prettiest princess. Just this one day.”

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The post was flooded with comments by many women slamming the bride for her comments.

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“This is GROSS,” one angry commenter wrote. “I’ve picked out dresses I ADORE for my bridesmaids because they are all beautiful and deserve the best. I’m also paying for them to have their hair and make up done because I want them all to look stunning. Why on earth would you pick bridesmaids if you just want to make them look horrible?!”

Others simply called out the bride for her lack of self-confidence.

“Imagine being this insecure,” wrote one commenter.

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However, there was some support for the bride.

One supporter wrote, “My girls are wearing formal pant suits and my MOH is wearing a dress these girls are gonna be COVERED if it wouldn’t be too hot I’d cover them head to toe. Lol. (Not joking).”

While the bride did not reply to her critics, here’s hoping she walks away from her bad attitude before walking down the aisle.

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