Serena Williams Just Shared The *Most* Relatable Postpartum Moment On IG

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Serena Williams Shares Relatable Postpartum MomentGregg DeGuire - Getty Images
  • Serena Williams recently shared a super relatable postpartum experience on her Instagram this week.

  • In a new video, Serena was trying to fit into a jean Valentino skirt

  • The tennis star gave birth to her second daughter, Adira, last summer, and has been sharing her postpartum journey on Instagram.

Serena Williams announced in late August that she had welcomed her second child, daughter Adira, and she’s talked regularly on social media about adapting to life as a mom of two. Now, she’s here with a relatable postpartum dilemma: She can’t fit into her really nice skirt.

The 42-year-old shared on Instagram that she bought a Valentino jean skirt when she was pregnant. “I was like 'I'm gonna be able to fit this when I don't have a belly,’” she said, before announcing “I can’t fit in it.”

Serena shared that fitting into the skirt is her goal. “Honestly, I should've been able to fit it by now, but I ran into some, um... I got distracted for about a month," she said, before showing the camera that the skirt won’t go up over her butt.

"Houston, we got a problem," she joked. “I feel like if I go to the gym and get fit, I’ll be able to get it in.”

People cheered her on in the comments. “Well done on sharing the reality of post partum... not just the glamorized instagram version 🙌🏻👍🏼,” one person wrote. “I love your transparency. Whew, I can relate. The struggle is real,” another said.

For the record, Serena looks strong and confident—and plenty of people pointed that out in the comments, too.

But she’s also made it clear that she’s working hard to be strong after welcoming her second child. Just last week, Serena shared a video on Instagram, noting that she’s “getting back into the swing of things” before totally crushing some weighted squats.

She also shared a supermom moment back in mid-January, where she shared a video of herself hopping onto the Pilates reformer to do some side squats. Serena had a baby carrier strapped to her front, which she explained was there in case baby Adira woke up from her nap.

Health has always been a priority for this elite athlete, and Serena worked out regularly during her pregnancy, too. During that time, she did a range of exercises, including some elliptical work, stretching, and walking fast on the treadmill.

Get it, Serena!

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