SeriesFest Sets 45 Titles for International Independent Pilot Competition Starring Kathy Griffin, Anna Camp and More | Exclusive

SeriesFest, the esteemed international festival and nonprofit organization dedicated to championing emerging and underrepresented voices in episodic storytelling, has unveiled the 45 titles that will be participating in the International Independent Pilot Competition at SeriesFest: Season 10.

The upcoming festival, which takes place in Denver, Colorado May 1-5, will showcase original pilots featuring Kathy Griffin, Rex Lee (“Entourage”), Anna Camp (“Pitch Perfect”), Johnny Rey Diaz (“Primo,” “Pam & Tommy”), Tim Baltz (“The Righteous Gemstones”), Adam Ray (“Barbie”), Dede Lovelace (“Madame Web”), Peter Kim (“Bros”), Michael Polish (“Twin Falls Idaho”), Justine Marino (“The Villains”), Kit Williamson (“Mad Men”), James Bland (“Giants”), Aubrey Shae (“Nashville”), Briana Venskus (“The Walking Dead”), Willam Belli (“A Star is Born”), para-Olympian Doug Heir and more.

Categories include Independent Pilot: Drama, Independent Pilot: Comedy, Independent Pilot: Unscripted, Colorado Pilots in Progress sponsored by Visit Denver, Pitch-A-Thon, Late Night supported by Liquid Death and Digital Short Series.

You can view a full list of participating pilots below.

“With the spotlight on SeriesFest’s tenth season and this monumental moment for our organization, the Independent Pilot Competition represents the evolution of our industry and champions creators from all around the world who execute brilliant content from the ground up,” shares Claire Taylor, Director, Programming, SeriesFest. “Bringing together emerging creatives and showcasing so many unique and brilliantly told stories in Denver is why we do what we do.”

The jury members include:

Independent Pilot Competition: “comedy,” Michael Falbo (Partner, Pacific Electric Picture Co.), Malcolm Venable (Senior Writer,; “drama,” Ronald D. Moore (Executive Producer, Writer, Showrunner, Tall Ship Productions, “For All Mankind”), Chiké Okonkwo (Co-Founder, Mansa), Jocelyn Sabo (SVP, TV Development, Lionsgate); “unscripted,” Michael Rucker (Showrunner / Director, Blue Raincoat), Andrea Ambam (Programming Manager & Host, Level Forward), Diana Williams (Co-founder / CEO, Kinetic Energy Entertainment)

Late Night: Missy Laney (Director of Development, Adult Swim), Jen Yamato (Journalist and Critic)

Digital Shorts: Kasey Newton (Director, Content Acquisitions & Partnerships, Tubi), Saloni Gajjar (Staff Writer, TV, The A.V. Club), Brian Tee (Actor, “Expats”).

SeriesFest 2024 will also host a panel dedicated to the legacy of “Grey’s Anatomy” with showrunner Meg Marinis and actors James Pickens Jr, Kevin McKidd, Camilla Luddingon, Kim Raver and Caterina Scorsone in attendance. There will also be a gala marking the 10th anniversary of the festival on Friday, May 3, which will honor Shondaland & Betsy Beers, SAG-AFTRA and Minnie Driver.

And Hasan Minhaj will close out SeriesFest from Red Rocks on May 5.




Director: Stacey Maltin
Executive Producer: Jeff Weber
Writer: M. Rowan Meyer
Producers: Jackie Schwartz, MARS, Stacey Maltin
Cast: Miles G. Jackson, Connie Shi, Adinah Alexander, MARS, Jay DeYonker, Jonathan Gregg, Jeff Weber
United States, 19 min
A self-destructive porn star navigates immortality 10 years after people have mysteriously stopped dying.



Director: Michael Polish
Executive Producers: Michael Polish, Travis Bruyer
Writers: Michael Polish, Mark Polish
Producers: Michael Polish, Travis Bruyer, Angela Martino, Joe Berardi
Cast: Travis Bruyer, Mary Riitano, Adam Pitman, Jeff Medley, Melanie Wendt, Leon Stiffarm, Tim Dudley
United States, 39 min
In small town rural Montana, a deputy sheriff named Heebuck addresses day to day reports from the dispatch blotter, introducing several characters to the screen. All the while, his mind is set on investigating the disappearance of a girl from the Hungry Horse Reservoir. His first suspect is a man who only responds to the name “Juicebox”, whose drug addictions and crazed personality allude to a guilty verdict. With his entertaining work life occupying most of the day, Heebuck must now face the greatest challenge of all: the first date.


Director: Bonnie Discepolo
Executive Producers: Carson Nyquist, Dan Duncan, Matt Pfeffer, Mark Pfeffer, Trey Terpeluk, Steve Cundari, Roman Grimaldi
Writer: Matt Pfeffer
Producers: Anna Camp, Michael Johnson, Matt Pfeffer, Mark Pfeffer, Valerie Steinberg
Cast: Anna Camp, Michael Mosley, Nicholas Logan, Anthony Discepolo
United States, 15 min
In the shadow of America’s economic ruin and collapse, Neo-Dome follows a group of survivors on their quest to a utopian Dome, navigating post-apocalyptic dangers and the elusive promise of a better life. (SXSW Audience Award Prize)


Director: Daniele Sestito
Writer: Daniele Sestito
Producers: Cooper Yeager, Eric Dyer, Mackenzie Zambo, Lenny Manzo, Daniele Sestito Cast: George Lombardo, Chuja Seo, Garrett Hendricks, Cory Shanbom
United States, 37 min
A grandiose Italian cook takes great pride in his one-of-a-kind profession, until he’s forced to make a meal that’s beyond his grasp.



Director: Theodore Collatos
Writer: Theodore Collatos
Executive Producer: Sharon McMorrow
Producers: Carolina Monnerat, Matt Grady, James Kimberling
Cast: Howard Lester, Franqi French, Edy Modica
United States, 17 min
Things get turned upside down when JoJo wakes up believing he’s Joe Louis – one of boxing’s greatest legends… (Slamdance Grand Jury Prize)



Director: Shazia Javed
Executive Producer: Shazia Javed
Writer: Shazia Javed
Producer: Shazia Javed
Cast: Natasha Krishnan, Elisa Moolecherry, Kavita Musty
Canada, 24 min
Sumaira, Azra, and Ruby live in “The Wives Condos” in the suburbs of Toronto with their children, while their husbands work in other countries. They initially meet at potluck lunches, a weekly guilt-free escape from the loneliness of immigrant life. At first glance, they seem to be living perfect lives, but when their carefully crafted facades crumble, they must learn to be vulnerable and seek each other’s support.


Directors: R. Keith Harris
Executive Producer: Tonya Beaumire
Writer: R. Keith Harris
Producers: R. Keith Harris, Lovinder Gill, Jenna Cusack
Cast: Rob Trevelier, Audrey Hope, Brian LaFontaine, Lee Spencer, R. Keith Harris, Brady Hepner, Luna Riveria, Enya Flack
United States, 32 min
After the abduction of one friend and the mysterious death of another years later… A young woman, with a nose for trouble, digs for the truth, exposing town secrets and the true target of a killers revenge – Her own father.


Director: Saša Hajduković
Executive Producers: Jelena Babić, Đorđe Radusin
Writer: Nikola Pejaković
Producer: Brankica Janković
Cast: Nikola Pejaković, Vesna Trivalić, Jovo Maksić, Nataša Ninkovič, Ljubiša Savanović Serbia, 43 min
Slobodan Milošević, a former drug addict and dealer, is released from prison in The Hague after 15 years. Without documents, without money, burdened with immense guilt and unresolved relations from a country devastated by war, the journey home will not be easy. In Banja Luka, Slobodan’s hometown, former friends, relatives, and abandoned loves will await him. A complicated web of relationships and conflicts over the sale and distribution of narcotics will cast doubt on Slobodan, and this time, innocent or not, he will again find himself targeted by the law.


Directors: Sonia Whiteman, Renny Wijeyamohan
Executive Producer: Margaret Ross, Oliver Lawrance, Scott Otto Anderson
Writers: Sonia Whiteman, Renny Wijeyamohan, Keir Wilkins, Saman Shad
Producers: Karen Radzyner, Renny Wijeyamohan
Cast: Sumi Gunaratnam, Lakota Johnson, Rajan Velu, Jordan Rodrigues, Josh Pyman, Heidi Arena, Zenia Starr
Australia, 23 min
When sixteen-year-old refugee Priya’s dad goes missing and is blamed for unleashing a terrifying, mutating plastic-borne beast on the suburbs of Sydney, Priya and her best friend Obi must navigate a community in which they are treated as undesirables in order to find her dad, clear his name, destroy the creature plaguing their neighbourhood, and land a visa to stay.


Director: Adrienne Acevedo Lovette
Executive Producers: Joseph Castillo-Midyett, Brett E. Lewis, Margaret A. Romolo-Zukor, Alan Simon, Ramón y Mercedes Chípe, Josie Rivera
Writer: Joseph Castillo-Midyett

Producers: Gisela Chípe, Heidi-Marie Ferren, Adrienne Acevedo Lovette
Cast: Sebastian Montanez, Joseph Castillo-Midyett, Nathalie Sepulveda, Gisela Chípe, Sofie Nesanelis, Catherine Curtin, Heidi-Marie Ferren
United States, 25 min
With the help of his imaginary future self, a boy who dreams of being an actor turns “Robin Hood” to feed his sisters, until the system catches up.




Creator: Arjun Chatterjee
Director: Arjun Chatterjee
Executive Producers: Arjun Chatterjee, Willie Lee
Writers: Arjun Chatterjee, Ishika Sharma
Producer: Joelle Fernandes, Arjun Chatterjee
Cast: Akash Arora, Aakash Ahuja, Nitya Mathur, Riddhi Kumar, Girish Sharma
India, 32 min
A tiny film studio in Mumbai navigates everyday challenges while struggling under the leadership of an eccentric director and a queer producer.



Creators: David Pasquesi, T.J. Jagodowski
Director: Jack C. Newell
Executive Producers: Markie Glassgow, Ted Reilly, Kelly Waller
Writers: David Pasquesi, T.J. Jagodowski
Producers: Jack C. Newell, David Pasquesi, T.J. Jagodowski, Shane Simmons
Cast: David Pasquesi, T.J. Jagodowski, Tim Kazurinsky, Sadeih Rifai, Nnamdi Ngwe, Emma Pope, Cassie Kramer, Brian King, Ike Reilly and the Ike Reilly Assassination Band
United States, 19 min
A comedy duo of former, middling fame put on a late-night talk show in Bettendorf, Iowa.


Creator: Jesse Toledano
Director: Jesse Toledano
Executive Producers: Thomas Mahoney, David Benyisha, Zakary Levin, and Jesse Toledano Writer: Jesse Toledano
Producer: Justin Ambrosino
Cast: Luzer Twersky, Dede Lovelace
United States, 22 min
A Hassidic property manager and a couple of his tenants come together to make hip-hop as they navigate the everyday struggles of their lives.


Creator: Lindsay Newland

Director: Maudie Schmidt, Jaxson Power
Executive Producer: Chapman University
Producer: Isabella Hermelin
Cast: Martha Shaw, Madi Bready, Kara Jobe, Tatianna Juarez United States, 20 min

When Carly, a naive, homeschooled fourteen-year-old, is forced to face the treacherous waters of public high school, she turns to her beloved dolls, Lily and Mermia, for comfort and advice. Sprung from Carly’s own vivid imagination and taking the form of lifesize “friends,” they guide Carly through the ups and downs of growing up, fitting in, and figuring herself (and her sexuality) out.


Creator: Jasia Ka
Director: Jasia Ka
Executive Producers: Kecia Elan Cole, Kuye Youngblood, BRIC-TV, Jasia Ka
Writers: Jasia Ka, Amamah Sardar
Producers: Jasia Ka, Lou Wang Holborn, Raynita Vaughn
Cast: Amamah Sardar, Zubi Ahmed, Sadhana Singhal, Farooq Hussain, Usama Siddiquee, Caleb Eberhardt, Kelly Bachman, Dan Yang, Liza Dye
United States, 20 min
Created and directed by Jasia Ka, GIRLS AREN’T FUNNY is a ground-breaking drama-comedy series that interweaves the hilarious, powerful stories of three incredible young women and non-binary comedians in NYC as they take on the male-dominated comedy industry. The series is based on real experiences and features an all star cast of real-life comedians. The pilot episode introduces Amamah as she attempts to balance her blossoming comedy career and her conservative Muslim Pakistani family’s expectations back at home on Long Island.


Creators: Peter S. Kim, David Sonnenborn
Director: David Sonnenborn
Executive Producers: Peter S. Kim, Aaron Klemanski, Rex Lee, David Sonnenborn
Writers: Peter S. Kim, David Sonnenborn
Producers: Lauren C. Brooks, Clement Chan, Wei Chen, Brent Hagata, Jeremy Klavens, Katy Palfrey
Cast: Peter S. Kim, Rex Lee, Franqi French, Sterling Jones, Harry Hart-Browne, May Lee, Andre Hotchko, Elaine Rivkin, William Shin, Esther Moon, Scot Shamblin, Elim Uraimov United States, 24 min
When Matt, a suddenly divorced and unemployed schlub of a gay man, overdoses on psychedelics, he reconnects with his late Uncle Larry, who died of AIDS in the ’90s — possibly the only person who can get Matt’s life back on track.


Creators: Alex Gehrlein, Brett Morrow, Jack Gacek

Director: Clint Pang
Executive Producers: Caroline Pommert-Allegrante, Joanna Levinger, Suzanne Packer, Andrew Gehrlein, Jennifer Gehrlein, Michael Gacek, Robert W. Fiondella, Robert J. Fiondella
Writers: Alex Gehrlein, Brett Morrow, Jack Gacek
Producers: Aidan Erbter, Kenzie Packer
Cast: Sam Song Li, Haskiri Velazquez, Lea Zawada, Matt Walton
United States, 24 min
After accidentally killing one of his fans during the filming of a YouTube video, famed YouTuber Marvin Weaver must save his career by teaming up with Tag Taggart, an alt-right news anchor bent on cultural domination.



Creators: Haris Mirza, Nick Bartlett
Director: Nick Bartlett
Executive Producer: Lukas Radovich
Writer: Haris Mirza, Nick Bartlett
Producers: Haris Mirza, Nick Bartlett, Jake Blackman
Cast: Haris Mirza, Nick Bartlett, Emma Diaz, Ed Oxenbould, Lukas Radovich and Meg Fraser Australia, 27 min

Anxiety, it’s contagious. The Boy Who Was Afraid of Everything follows 19 year old Ali as he navigates his biggest fear…everything.

Directors: Kit Williamson, Miranda Bailey, James Bland, Brea Grant
Executive Producers: Miranda Bailey, Madison McKinley, Jason Beck, Christopher Miller, H. Shen, Erwin More, Ed Ruttenberg, Larissa James

Writers: Kit Williamson, James Bland, Chad Callaghan, Brea Grant, Larissa James Producers: James Bland
Cast: Kit Williamson, James Bland, Aubrey Shea, Briana Venskus, Willam Belli, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Laith Ashley, James Urbaniak, and Kathy Griffin

United States, 26 min

From Kit Williamson, creator of the Emmy-winning series EASTSIDERS on Netflix, UNCONVENTIONAL follows two eccentric, queer siblings and their significant others as they try to start an unconventional family, try to stay sane in an unstable world and, most importantly, try to hold onto the bonds they share.



Creator: Six Point Pictures
Director: JaMar Jones
Executive Producer: Jared A. Johnston
Writers: Jared A. Johnston, JaMar Jones, LaTonya Joyce


Producers: LaTonya Joyce, Jenahye Johnson, Alexis Chinery
Cast: D’joun Smith
United States, 12 min
Breakthrough is a documentary series that explores how athletes face identity crises and depression after a life-altering event that results in their removal from the sport on a professional level. Utilizing football as the hook for the first season, this series presents the importance of seeking community and professional assistance to help bring closure to their former identities in the NFL through group therapy.


Creators: Tunde Wey, Theo Schear
Directors: Tunde Wey, Theo Schear
Writer: Tunde Wey
Producers: Tunde Wey, Theo Schear, Ruth Gebreyesus Cast: Tunde Wey

United States / Nigeria, 29 min


Through unsparing interviews and poetic narration, Hard To Swallow follows Tunde across the US, Mexico, Nigeria and the UK as he investigates how food culture, opportunity and power are shaped by race and class. Incorporating reflexive commentary about the filmmaking process, Tunde reveals his own hypocrisies while calling out others, prompting viewers to rethink their own position in systems of power. Unlike any food show before, and despite the chef’s exceptional taste, this show may be… Hard To Swallow.



Director: Dominic Gill
Executive Producers: Chris Graves, Sam Walsh, Mark Miller
Writers: Mark Miller, Lucas Conley, Dominic Gill, Nadia Gill
Producer: Nadia Gill
United States, 7 min
The “Legacy in the Making” documentary series investigates the counterintuitive notion that in today’s impatient, short-term world, taking the long view is the smartest path to success. The series profiles patient, purpose-driven leaders across industries who keep their eyes on the horizon. By resisting quick wins in favor of laying foundations for the future, these unconventional founders and CEOs—at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Taylor Guitars, Lo & Sons, Me & the Bees and The Bluebird Cafe—ensure their socially-conscious brands will endure and thrive for generations. Based on the book: Legacy in the Making, the series is directed by Dominic Gill for Encompass Films and Produced by Team One.


Director: Joanna Forscher
Producers: Chloe Chapman, Joanna Forscher Executive Producers: Rick Rubin, Leila Mattimore United States, 61 min

Long Time Sun is a four-part epic chronicling the rise of Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO Sikh Dharma community. With unprecedented access to key members of the 3HO community’s inner circle and set against the backdrop of sixty years of American life, this intimate, multi-generational series is a microcosm through which to explore the corrosive nature of power, the spiritual toll of capitalism, the commodification of wellness, and the slide into moral ambiguity that often underlies the quest for a greater good. This is a story about family, betrayal, hope, truth and reconciliation.



Creator: Adam Ray
Director: Adam Ray
Executive Producer: Adam Ray
Writer: Adam Ray
Producer: Adam Ray
United States, 47 min
DOUG HEIR might be the greatest champion you’ve never heard of. From the Para Olympics, to a Wheaties cover, his life ended and began in one moment.

COLORADO PILOTS IN PROGRESS sponsored by Visit Denver



Creators: Louise Runge, Annie Eastman
Directors: Louise Runge, Annie Eastman
Executive Producers: John Van Wyck
Writers: Louise Runge, Annie Eastman
Producers: Louise Runge, Annie Eastman / Co-Producer Matt Sauter
Cast: Aaron, Avery, Jacob, Jorge, Jose, Juliana, Michael, Rachel, Steph, Tony United States, 20 min

A cool job can be hard to find, especially for disabled people. Enter Brewability, where the joyful and fearless staff show the world what’s possible.

PITCH-A-THON! Supported by Royal Bank of Canada Emerging Artists


Writers: Lindsay Scola and Duncan Teater

United States

ADVANCE dives into the world of a presidential campaign’s advance team—eager young politicos crisscrossing the nation to craft flawless events and manage the backstage chaos. Bria Jackson, once a rising star for Senator Debra Davis’s campaign, is demoted after a royal fuck up and now finds herself working under old boys’ club mascot Jared Curtis. Despite their differences, Bria, Jared, and the rest of this island of misfit toys that make up the advance team must band together in hopes of turning the ship around and clenching the Democratic nomination.


Writer: Ebele Onyema
United States
We don’t talk about sex. Not in our schools, not in our homes, and yet somehow we think Gen Z is okay because they have this wildly outsized confidence when it comes to things like environmental justice and Tik Tok dances. But when it comes to what happens in the bedroom? That’s where you see the very real chokehold their identities have on how they meet and mate.

So, we’re gonna talk about sex.

In the docuseries REIMAGINING . . . HOOKUP CULTURE, social worker and relationship researcher Ebele Onyema leads a diverse Gen Z cast in a series of conversations that explore their views on and, most importantly, reimagines their experiences with hookup culture in New York City. This is not a show – it’s a revolution.


Writer: Robyn Matuto
THE HAUNTING OF TRISHA LOZADA is a half-hour supernatural comedy series that follows 16-year-old Trisha Lozada as she enters the winter semester of junior year. Anxious, angry, and apathetic all at once, Trisha is hellbent on a sense of normalcy and raising her social status returning to school… it’s too bad the ghost of her overbearing Filipino-immigrant mother, Marian Lozada, is haunting her every step. Now, Trisha must deal with Marian’s unwanted opinions on everything, from her plummeting grades to her social status and an unexpected crush on the new girl, Casey. They may butt heads at every turn, but together, Trisha and Marian must help each other move on – both spiritually and emotionally.


Writer: Erin Mullane
United States
Our limited docuseries follows actress Mary Jenifer Mitchell , a girl who went on a weekend trip to New York, and ended up becoming part of comedy history. Performing at the legendary Café A GO GO, Café La Ma Ma, Broadway, Off-Broadway, London’s West End and eventually finding her way to the National Lampoon.

In 1973 The Lampoon went… Off- Broadway. American satirist Tony Hendra directed the rag tag cast of newbies: Christopher Guest, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Gary Goodrow, Paul Jacobs, Alice Playten, and Mary Jenifer Mitchell. The success of the show catapulted some of its cast to legendary status while Mary was lost to time. Her journey continued with a career in country music and even a starring role in the very first made-for-cable T.V. movie. This is the unfiltered story of The Other Lemming.


Writer: Leah Vernon
United States
Leah, a plus-size, Muslim influencer goes live on social media after storming out of her bestie’s surprise party. She’s had enough of fake ass influencers and people always mistaking her for Lizzo! Not all fat people look alike…

She speaks: “What do you do when the internet turns on the real you?”

Leah has worked hard to get to where she is in the industry, but trendy Gen Z TikTokers and chauvinist male podcasters are all the rave now, which means less work for her. She didn’t think that in her mid-30’s she’d have to reinvent herself to fit the mold of society’s beauty standards. After not working for a while, Leah finally catches a break and books a huge gig. Unfortunately, she finds out that herarch-nemesis IRL and online who’s much skinnier, younger, and uses social justice issues for clout, is getting paid way more than she is.

Simultaneously, Leah’s love life is spiraling. She chases after a bad boy with nice teeth and a full beard who dogs women online instead of giving the “nice” guy in her life whose crushing on her a fighting chance.

At the end of the series, Leah is forced to remove the chains that social media validation has on her. She has no choice but to find out what life looks like outside of the shares, the glamorous parties, and photoshoots.

Throughout the series, Leah and her besties encounter fatphobia, colorism, religious freedom of speech, and queer identity matters.

LATE NIGHT COMPETITION sponsored by Liquid Death and media partner Westword


Creators: Lucy Porter
Directors: Sarah Thurman
Executive Producers: Lucy Porter, Sarah Thurman, Kate Wilkinson
Writer: Lucy Porter
Producers: Lucy Porter, Sarah Thurman, Kate Wilkinson
Cast: Lucy Porter, Jackie Smook, Sarah Cahall, Spencer Waldner, Michael Owens
United States, 16 min
BITS is a coming-of-age story, just at an older age than we’re used to seeing. Riley has always felt at odds with her body. It could be because she’s in her twenties and has never been kissed, let alone had sex. Or because her fluctuating body image makes it hard to feel desirable. Or it could be her nosy, anthropomorphic vagina, Gina, who won’t leave her alone until she comes to terms with all of it. The not-so-odd couple navigates their conflicting senses of self as they struggle to reconcile Riley’s relationship with her body… and get her laid.


Creator: Jasia Ka
Director: Jasia Ka
Executive Producer: Jasia Ka
Writer: Jasia Ka
Producer: Jackie DeNomme
Cast: Nell Amari, Shannon Hayes, Meghan Wallace, Stephanie Halovanic, Bailey Macejak, Carla Jerez, Anisa Benitez, Erica Sarda, Jasia Ka
United States, 8 min
Created and directed by Jasia Ka, BUSHWITCHES is a supernatural dark comedy series about a coven of witches living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The Bushwitches embark on a series of magical misadventures in their mission to regain dominance in the tarot card industry and oh yeah, take down the patriarchy. If God’s out and astrology is in, then all hail the Bushwitches: our 21st century disciples.



Creators: Mark Polish, Lumo
Director: Mark Polish
Writer: Mark Polish
Producers: Logan Polish, Mark Polish, Lumo
Cast: Meagan Holder, Isabel Arraiza, David Del Rio, Daniel Davila, Logan Polish, Bailey Edwards, Cyrus Arnold

United States, 14 min

Dr. Magdalena “Maggie” L’Amour is a Love Bug and highly sought-after “sex therapist” who navigates her love life through a society driven by sex, which is rife with wicked rituals, disturbing behaviors, and carelessness. But in the midst of it all, Maggie manages to find humor in the absurdity of her surroundings. Along with her tight-knit group of friends, she works to navigate the complexities of love and life in this hilarious and sex-filled world.


Creators: Johnny Rey Diaz
Directors: Johnny Rey Diaz
Executive Producers: Johnny Rey Diaz
Writer: Johnny Rey Diaz
Producers: Johnny Rey Diaz, Ash T
Cast: Alejandro Patiño, Matt McCoy
United States, 6 min
A lonely, depressed old man finds hope in a holy piece of wood.


Creator: Zander Padget
Director: Zander Padget
Executive Producers: Katelyn Campbell, Evan Padget, Ned Scott Writer: Zander Padget
Producers: Hyejin “Grace” Park, Jocelyn Koo, Jesse Aultman



Cast: Kiley Rothweiler, Gabe Acevedo, James Fahselt, Hannah Jeffus, Leo Brien, Zach Allsbrook
United States, 17 min
When a supernatural monster that feeds on boredom comes to a quiet suburb, a mother of two who left her dance company behind to raise a family and a head-in-the-clouds police officer must overcome their creative demons to save the town.




Creator: Mike J. Langer
Director: Bruno Pimentel
Executive Producer: Verena Puttrich
Writer: Mike J. Langer
Producer: Verena Puttrich
Cast: Jake Bernard Buckner, Lenka Olšanová, Vojtěch Babišta, Pablo Gordillo, Tomáš Vlček, Krystof Diatka, and Julie Weber
Czech Republic, 14 min
Eugene arrives in Europe’s most “haunted” city to become a paranormal investigator but quickly finds that few people share his passion for ghosts.


Creator: Tyler Peterson
Director: Tyler Peterson
Executive Producers: Tyler Peterson Meg Kelly Janette Danielson Giovana Frediani Lauren Elyse Buckley Max Kirkham
Producers: Tyler Peterson Meg Kelly Janette Danielson Giovana Frediani Lauren Elyse Buckley Max Kirkham
Writer: Tyler Peterson
Cast: Natasha Behnam, Nick Pugliese
United States, 12 min
Missing the tranquility of lockdown, Barden and Sarah try to start a second pandemic so they can stop working and go home.


Creator: Farid Yazdani
Director: Aref Mahabadi
Executive Producers: Farid Yazdani, Aref Mahabadi, Chris D’Alessandro
Writers: Chris D’Alessandro, Terry Erickson, Jessica Latimer, Michelle Whittemore
Producer: Farid Yazdani, Ali Mashayekhi
Cast: Farid Yazdani, Ashley Leggat, Brock Morgan, Nicolette Pearse, Alex Bird, Aisha Evelyna, Patrick McKenna
Canada, 12 min

Six egomaniacal acting hopefuls compete to win the favour of their acting coach in an escalating series of bizarre class assignments.


Creator: Susie Mendoza
Director: Katie Locke O’Brien
Executive Producers: Katie Locke O’Brien, Susie Mendoza, Kim Griffin
Writer: Susie Mendoza
Producers: Becca White, Mariscela Mendez
Cast: Kim Griffin, Drew Droege, Kate Micucci, Laraine Newman, Betsy Sodaro, Sheila Carrasco, Grasie Mercedes, Brendan Griffin
United States, 15 min
As Max Griffin navigates the anxiety and isolation of new motherhood–and the frenzy that is LA mom culture–she discovers she doesn’t recognize herself anymore. Her brain is a mush of strange puppets where a fun working professional used to be. But when a caustic man-rabbit from a mysterious British children’s book comes to life to hang out with her, Max finds the unlikely ally she’s been needing all along. As she brings Dick Bunny with her to infant CPR classes and job interviews, her attempts at sourdough and adult dinner parties, Max begins to realize that maybe she’s not the ideal mom, but she’s still a good one, and perhaps the expectations have been the enemy all along. DICK BUNNY is a new series that explores the terrifying, heartbreakingly honest, and often untold psychology of new motherhood through the lens of comedy and magical realism.


Creator: Dmitry Milkin, Julius Thomas III
Director: Dmitry Milkin
Executive Producers: Geneva Wasserman, Victor Talbot, Aline Aghababian
Writer: Dmitry Milkin
Producers: Dmitry Milkin, Julius Thomas III, Shannon Taylor, Trevor Henley
Cast: Julius Thomas III, Arielle Kebbel, Zani Jones Mbayise, Pamela Shaw, Terrell Butler, Sasha Feldman, Grant Rosenmeyer, Margaret Cho
United States, 24 min
A former child star, who clings to fame by broadcasting his life on Instagram, lands a chance to revive his 90s sitcom after foiling a mass shooting.


Creator: Adriano Valentini
Director: Adriano Valentini
Executive Producers: Adriano Valentini, Justine Marino
Writers: Episode 1 – Written by Adriano Valentini; Episode 2 – Story by Justine Marino, Adriano Valentini; Episode 3 – Written by Adriano Valentini, Story by Justine Marino, Adriano Valentini Producers: Adriano Valentini, Justine Marino
Cast: Justine Marino, Jordynn Lurie, Sara Emami, Carmine DiBenedetto, Ben Gleib, Sandro Iocolano, Evan Williams, Aaron Colom, Craig Low, Paul Palmeri

United States, 17 min

Interior designer Lina Desperza creates her own dating show with the hopes of finding love before she drops dead single on her fortieth birthday.



Creator: Susan Park
Director: Susan Park
Executive Producer: Susan Park
Writer: Susan Park
Producer: Ryan Gage
Cast: Susan Park, Nicolette Morrison, Jeremy Joyce, Mark Holgate
United States, 7 min
A darkly comedic glimpse into the daily lives of two unlikely sisters as they learn to navigate life after their father’s death.



Creators: Erikson Dockery, Patrick Wimp
Director: Patrick Wimp
Executive Producers: Ted Reilly, Kelly Waller, Mark Glassgow
Writer: Erikson Dockery
Producers: Patrick Wimp, Angie Gaffney
Cast: Erikson Dockery, Kieron Harrell, St. James Jackson, David Gordon Johnson, Ashlyn Lozano, Sutter Nolan, Carlita Tucker, Noah Wimp, Kimberly Michelle Vaughan, Gabrielle Dacuycuy, Albert Jarret
United States, 16 min
Patrons follows a group of blundering, self-involved, thirst-trap seeking contestants as they try to stay out of their own way, and survive a reality TV gameshow that trains them to serve at a high end cocktail bar.


Creators: Pranav Behari, Aditi Natasha Kini, Devyn Inez Fusaro
Director: Sushma Khadepaun
Executive Producers: Kecia Élan Cole, Kuye Youngblood, Devyn Inez Fusaro, Aditi Natasha Kini, Pranav Behari, Grace Sin
Writers: Pranav Behari, Aditi Natasha Kini
Producer: Grace Sin
Cast: Deepti Menon, Austin Ku, Usama Siddiquee, Devyn Inez Fusaro, Leah Pressman, Pranav Behari, Philip Galinsky, Rajesh Bose, Michael McBride
United States, 9 min
An unknown writer becomes an overnight media sensation when her public tirade against a finance douche goes viral. Now the voice of #WokeBrooklyn, the dynamics shift with her obnoxious boss, a deranged work rival, and her carefree BFF as the clock ticks on her 15 minutes of fame.


Creator: Asad Butt
Directors: Huriyyah Muhammad, Jumai Yusuf, Amy Omar, Kashif Pasta, Ijaaz Noohu, Asad Butt Executive Producers: Asad Butt, Valerie Steinberg
Writers: Faroukh Virani, Jeff Chanley, Sarah Mostafa, Halimah Iman, Sarwat Siddiqui, Wahab Shayek
Producers: Thomas Bond, Sara Seligman, Emily McCann Lesser, Yuki Maekawa-Ledbetter Cast: Rizwan Manji, Aariq Manji, Saman Hasan, Saima Huq, Kausar Mohammed, Hina X. Khan, Behzad Dabu
United States, 11 min
RAMADAN AMERICA intricately weaves diverse American Muslim tales in a vivid mosaic of Ramadan and Eid experiences in America.



Creators: Anna Lockhart, Elvira Ibragimova
Director: Elvira Ibragimova
Executive Producers: Elizabeth Cole, Patrick Meighan
Writers: Anna Lockhart, Elvira Ibragimova
Producers: Katy Wicker, Heather Mingo, David Brown, 4AM Films
Cast: Andrew Knox, Tim Baltz, Emily Pendergast, Christopher Matias Aguila, Skyler Bible, Ryan Gaul, Allison Dunbar, Andy Hillbrands
United States, 15 min
A whistleblower in a corporate scandal attempts to regain his credibility after going on live television with schmutz on his lip.

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