Seth Rogen Fires Back at Tucker Carlson: ‘F*ck This Pasty A**hole’

Ryan Lattanzio

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his platform on Friday to criticize celebrities who’ve donated money to causes surrounding Black Lives Matter and the current wave of protests rocking the nation following the death of George Floyd. In the latest episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the political commentator sounded off a list of celebrity names, juxtaposed over images of burning and destruction, including Chrissy Teigen (misspelled on the show as “Tiegan”), Janelle Monáe, Steve Carell, Don Cheadle, Kehlani, Colin Kaepernick, Ben Schwartz, Harry Styles, Cynthia Nixon, Patton Oswalt, and Seth Rogen, all of whom made contributions to nonprofits calling for police reform and raising bail money for protestors.

In response, Carlson’s targets have taken to social media to express their outrage over his criticisms that their donations are continuing to fuel the violence that has marked many of the protests. And that includes Seth Rogen, who tweeted, “I think when white supremacists are bothered by your actions, that’s probably a good thing.” In response to a tweet from Lil Nas X also taking aim at Carlson, Rogen said, “Fuck this pasty asshole.” Singer/songwriter Halsey cosigned Rogen’s message on Twitter.

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During his broadcast, Carlson also criticized corporations making donations to Black Lives Matter, stating that major companies as well as celebrities are “paying to get violent rioters out of jail.”

Seth Rogen was vocal this past week in criticizing opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as All Lives Matter supporters. Amid nationwide protests, he posted via Instagram an image of the Black Lives Matter logo and told his eight-million-plus followers, “If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.” All Lives Matter supporters disagreed with Rogen’s message, and he responded by firing back. “Fuck off,” the comedian wrote to one All Lives Matter supporter. “You don’t deserve my movies anywhere. Stop watching my shit.” To other critics, Rogen responded, “Shut the fuck up” and “eat shit and fuck you.”

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