Seth Rogen Shares His Coffee Rituals and 2 Brand-New Roasts

Rogen's Houseplant brand expands with a new coffee collaboration.



Seth Rogen isn't a coffee snob. He just knows what he wants, and what he wants is excellent coffee. Constantly. Like, all the time. He's probably having a great cup of coffee right this very second. In fact, he's so passionate about making great coffee available to everyone that he created two of his own roasts in partnership with flash-frozen coffee brand Cometeer, via his cannabis-centric lifestyle brand, Houseplant.

"We started with weed and weed-related things because that is something we're incredibly passionate about," Rogen explained on a Zoom call with Food & Wine about the first product drops by Houseplant, which arguably makes some of the coolest ceramics around. "But we've branched off into other things that we're incredibly passionate about too," he says. It's all in an effort to dive deeper into the things he and his partner, Evan Goldberg, love. Rogen says that coffee fits the bill.

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"Coffee is something that me and Evan are very passionate about. And I drink a lot of coffee. Probably too much coffee. I'm constantly drinking a coffee beverage of some sort," he says with that iconic, infectious laugh. "I'm from the Pacific Northwest. Weed is one of the things that that area is known for, and coffee is actually the other. We grew up really kind of inundated with what I would say is like the cutting edge of North American coffee culture."

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So, when Cometeer, a coffee brand that made major waves with its flash-freezing process when it launched, approached the pair about doing a collaboration, it felt like a no-brainer.

"I was looking for an alternative to making espresso, and someone was like, 'Try these,'" Rogen says of his introduction to Cometeer's concentrated pods. "I was like, 'These are incredible.' I couldn't believe how much flavor they had, how simple they were to make, and how fast and convenient it was, honestly. And it was just something that we started drinking all the time."

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The benefit of this collaboration, Rogen explains, is it really came from the heart. "The joy of Houseplant for me and my partners is that it's our company that we can do whatever we want with," Rogen says. "We only do things that we're really passionate about and we only do stuff that we want to be working on." So, when you're drinking either of their two new roasts, you can rest assured that the duo were not only a part of the creation; they also really believe in these brews.

Specifically, in this process, Rogen says he and his team became rather over-caffeinated by buying and trying endless roasts to find what they liked (and what they didn't), and what they felt would end up being the most representative of them. In the end, it came down to two new roasts: Bean There Done That, a single-origin Ethiopian medium roast with notes of peach, sweet tea, and orange; and Get Roasted, a Central American blend with notes of dark chocolate, cashew, and baking spice.

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As for which one best represents him or Goldberg, Rogen really couldn't say. "We have pretty similar tastes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of redundancies in our dynamic. We're not one of those partnerships that fill in each other's gaps. We're more like two puzzle pieces looking exactly the same and fit on top of each other," he says with the best laugh known to humanity.



As for how Rogen hopes you enjoy the coffee, he says, really, have it however you want.

"Honestly, for most people, it's whatever you have time for," he says. "Sometimes you just don't have the bandwidth and time to hit the coffee routine that you are idealizing at every moment. If I could just have coffee in the morning in some capacity, I'm generally pretty happy."

But, if you happen to have some time, Rogen's idealized coffee routine does sound pretty sweet.

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"The ideal coffee routine and what me and my wife do on like Saturday and Sunday mornings where neither of us is doing anything too early is, we wake up at around 7 a.m, and we make coffee for ourselves, and then we smoke weed. We sit there and we drink our coffee together," Rogen explains. (And if you're hoping for a strain pairing, Rogen suggests a sativa.)

"If that's not your thing, [Cometeer] is just coffee made by people who are very obsessive about coffee and its flavor. And if you smoke a lot of weed, then it's also made by people who are obsessed with coffee and its flavor and people who smoke a lot of weed," he adds.

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And if you're wondering if Houseplant may create a custom ceramic for its new coffee collaboration, Rogen gives a resounding "yes." But for now, all his excitement is centered on the flash-frozen roasts you can get right now.

"I'm excited for people to try it," Rogen says. "Honestly, it really shocked me the first time I tried the coffee, how much I liked it, and how it literally took five seconds to make." The two roasts are now available on Cometeer's website, starting at $2 per cup.

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