Sex ed activist Sriha Srinivasan wants Gen Z to be ’empowered to have pleasure’

Sriha Srinivasan teaches comprehensive sex education on TikTok to make talking about sex fun.

If you’ve experienced abstinence-only sex education or none at all, talking about sex may be uncomfortable. That’s exactly why Srinivasan is bringing a sense of levity to important conversations about safe sex.

“Just like sex is fun, just like doing sexy things is fun, talking about sex should also be fun,” Srinivasan told In The Know. “Those conversations should be happening because that’s what destigmatizes pleasure.”

The UCLA student started creating TikTok content for a young audience to destigmatize “everything around pleasure, and sexual health, consent, communication, all of these things for young people.”

What inspired Srinivasan to make this her mission were conversations with her mom.

“She is this incredibly educated woman that I look up to so much. And she didn’t know basic things about her body,” Srinivasan said.

Although Srinivasan believes she received a “decent” sexual education attending schools in California, she knows other students in the U.S. aren’t faring as well.

The federal government has funded abstinence-only sex education programs since 1996, but research has shown they’re ineffective.

“These teenagers, they are so weighed down from stigma, whether it’s from their peers, or their schools, the government, their families,” she said. “They can’t talk about these things.”

Srinivasan feels that TikTok gives people a safe space to ask questions anonymously and get credible answers. Whether it’s about self-pleasure, their bodies or complicated relationship dynamics, they have at least one place where they don’t have to feel embarrassed about being curious.

“If you can empower young people at that age range to feel comfortable with themselves and with pleasure,” Srinivasan said, “you are basically gifting them a lifetime of feeling safe and comfortable with themselves and feeling empowered to have pleasure. And that’s why I do the work that I do.”

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