Shania Twain fan says singer 'made my dreams come true' with gender reveal

The fan said she'd be happy with any gender, but was cheekily hoping for a "Let's Go Girls" moment.

Singer Shania Twain helped a fan with her gender reveal during a Toronto concert. (Instagram/@naturallyhayleigh)
Singer Shania Twain helped a fan with her gender reveal during a Toronto concert. (Instagram/@naturallyhayleigh)

A Shania Twain superfan has made a forever-memory with the Canadian music icon.

Hayleigh Gregory, from Nfld., flew to Toronto over the weekend to see Twain perform on her ongoing "Queen of Me" tour.

Other than wanting to see her favourite artist live, Gregory came with a mission: she wanted Twain to announce the gender of her baby.

The Newfoundlander came to the concert with a sign that read "Shania will you do my gender reveal?" — a sign that got her up on stage.

Gregory handed Twain an envelope and said she'd be happy either way, but was cheekily hoping for a "Let's Go Girls" moment.

Twain carried a melody as she announced: "There will be a girl!"

Twain told Gregory on stage she felt "privileged" to do this for her, and later in an Instagram post admitted "there’s nothing more special than sharing moments like this on stage with my fans!"

She shared a video from the reveal along with the caption, "This was my first gender reveal and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this family’s story."

'The most epic gender reveal'

Gregory, a soon-to-be a mom-of-two, shared to her Instagram selfies with the Canadian star and said in the caption, "Shania made my dreams come true tonight."

In a second post, she said it was "a night I’ll never forget."

Hayleigh and her husband Matthew have an infant son, Cash. Their baby girl is due in January 2023.

Gregory found out she was pregnant back in April, and initially wanted to have a pink or blue cake as her gender reveal.

"It was initially just going to be Matthew, Cash and I," Gregory told Yahoo Canada. "It certainly ended up a lot more public."

About two weeks ago, she saw a TikTok of Harry Styles doing a gender reveal for a fan on-stage, and that's when she got the idea.

"I asked my husband if he'd be OK with me doing the same at the Shania Twain concert, considering he wouldn't be there to witness, he happily gave me the go-ahead.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine she would actually invite me on the stage to share my story, sing to me and share the results.

"It was a dream come true," she said in an email.

Gregory has been a fan of Twain "for as long as I can remember." She had seen her live once before, in 2014 at an outdoor show in P.E.I. When the "Queen of Me" tour was announced, it was a no-brainer for Gregory to get tickets for herself and her mom, who first introduced her to Twain's music.

"She put on an amazing show and I was so happy to have the chance to see her live again and with my mom."

The Branch, Nfld. native said Twain could've easily ignored her sign, but instead she went above and beyond.

"It truly was an experience I'll never forget," she began. "It's hard to put into words or articulate how special she helped make the moment."

According to Gregory, Twain "clearly has a really kind heart and turned the moment into something I think a lot of people will remember for a long time."

She added the audience was welcoming too.

"It felt like a moment where everyone came together and enjoyed the excitement with my family and me."

It truly is something I'll cherish forever.

In the comments of her post, Gregory's followers and Twain's fans rushed to congratulate the young mom.

"I still haven’t stopped crying," one person wrote. "Over the moon happy for you gal pal, love you guys!"

Another added: "I can’t stop watching the video! So happy for you!"

One employee of the venue also chimed in: "I was working this concert and was on my break to see the gender reveal so cute and congratulations girl on your [baby] girl."

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