Shawn Mendes says men should wear crop tops — and fans are praising him

"Don’t be afraid to pick them up, guys. They look good."

Shawn Mendes advocates for men to wear crop tops via TikTok/ @damndangerous
Shawn Mendes is encouraging men to rock crop tops (Photo via Getty Images)

Shawn Mendes is encouraging men to free their midriffs this summer.

While recently visiting the U.K. to promote his new Tommy Hilfiger campaign, the Pickering Ont.-born musician was recorded in a TikTok advocating for men to wear crop tops.

“I think the crop tops, they’re just, they’re super beautiful," the "Treat You Better" singer said in the video that has garnered more than 750,000 views.

"They look great on men," he added. "So don’t be afraid to pick them up, guys. They look good."

Many fans have taken to social media to applaud Mendes's progressive sense of style.

"Agreed! Bring back men in crop tops," one person tweeted, while another quipped, "Personally, I believe it should be legally mandatory for men to wear them."

"I support this message," another Twitter user shared.

"I agree @ShawnMendes," another penned. "Thanks for recognizing what is beautiful."

The 24-year-old later campaigned for men's crop tops again in an interview with The Evening Standard. He recalled that while shooting for the campaign, his friend and music producer, Mike Sabath, posed in a cream logo crop top from the female line.

“We put the crop on him and were like — hot. That’s it. Like, yes,” Mendes said. “He would look amazing in anything. I think it’s just a representation of what clothing is today, you know, that masculine-feminine thing.”

“Everything feels like it’s hugging you and comfortable. Like it’s falling very organically on your body,” Mendes said of the rest of the styles included in the upcoming collection.

When asked about how his style has evolved, Mendes admitted that he has come a long way from his former go-to uniform, a "flannel shirt and moccasins."

“I’ve been famous since I was young, and it’s a funny thing to ask a 17-year-old to be stylish, because they’re 17 and they’re trying to figure out who they are,” he shared before adding:

“There was a time where I refused to wear anything that wasn’t a flannel [shirt] and moccasins. It’s definitely gotten a lot a lot more fashionable.”

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