She fell in love with shelter dog — but couldn’t adopt. Then came a joyful reunion

A woman fell in love with a shelter dog and couldn’t stop thinking about her — then came a joyful reunion.

Months after the woman met Cocoa, she discovered the pup was still in need of a home. So, she reportedly rushed back to the Florida shelter to adopt her.

Upon seeing the woman again, Cocoa showered her with kisses and “jumped straight into the car,” the Humane Society of Tampa Bay wrote April 16 on Facebook.

“Cocoa was here longer than most dogs in the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s care,” the shelter told McClatchy News in an email. “Everyone was so excited that she got adopted! The woman who adopted her is a perfect fit.”

Cocoa finally got a second chance after waiting more than 100 days for a home. The dog arrived at the shelter in “rough” shape after she was found running in a street.

“She had a hip injury that was causing her a lot of pain and had very bad allergies,” the animal organization wrote. “She went through treatment and got surgery to relieve her of pain.”

In January, Cocoa had an encounter that would have a lasting impact. The woman met her and “fell deeply in love but due to her busy schedule and some life changes, she knew she wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to a new pup,” the shelter said.

The woman “never stopped thinking about Cocoa,” vowing to adopt her after getting settled. Recently, she was surprised to learn that Cocoa was still available and made preparations to welcome the dog into her home.

Cocoa, known for being “friendly” and loving attention, couldn’t contain herself when she saw the woman again. A photo shared online shows the two as they prepared to start their next chapter.

The shelter’s heartwarming post gained more than 1,500 reactions within two days of being posted on social media. Dozens of Facebook users chimed in to celebrate the happy ending.

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