Shenae Grimes-Beech opens up about her identity beyond motherhood: 'Who am I?'

The Canadian "90210" actress shared a reflection on her journey of self-discovery since becoming a mom.

Shenae Grimes-Beech is rediscovering her independence.

On Tuesday, the Canadian "90210" actress took to Instagram to share a photo of herself holding her two children, two-year-old Kingsley Taylor and four-year-old Bowie Scarlett. She accompanied the snap with a reflection on her journey of self-discovery since becoming a mom.

In her caption, the 34-year-old pondered, "Who am I, if not their mother?"

She detailed her existence had become inseparable from her role as a caregiver, and even when she managed to squeeze in time for herself, it felt rushed — and came with a sense of guilt.

"Since having kids, every ounce of my existence had become so deeply entangled with them," Grimes-Beech penned.

She continued: "The things 'for myself' no longer feel like they’re for myself because I either rush them along, anxious to get back to being at arm’s reach for them or find a way to tie that action to something that serves their bigger picture."

She acknowledged the "inner battle" of finding a balance between her identity as a mother and her individuality.

"Being their mother is the best thing I’ve done with my life," she wrote. "But there’s a girl in here that is desperate to claim some independence from these precious dependents.

"I’m slowly re-discovering her and navigating how these two can co-exist but here’s a little glimmer of an outing where they did — just for a moment — and it was f—-ing glorious while it lasted, however brief."

The former "Degrassi: The Next Generation" star's vulnerable post was quickly met with supportive comments from fans.

"I really appreciate this raw honesty," an Instagram user shared. "The way society treats women like their own identity doesn't matter after children is absurd. Thank you for challenging that narrative!"

"I needed this so badly today, seriously. Thank you," a fan chimed in.

"The guilt that moms feel for having any ounce of a life outside their children is unfair," one person pointed out. "Thank you for sharing this. Needed it."

This isn't the first time that Grimes-Beech has opened up about making time for herself since becoming a mom. In September, she shared an Instagram post that explained her plan to prioritize her fitness after welcoming her second child.

"Been back on my workout game for one year since having my second baby," Grimes-Beech wrote alongside a set of outdoor photos of herself in bicycle shorts and a sports bra.

The actress gave herself a pat on the back for how far she has come in the last five years.

She admitted her body will always "'jiggle-jiggle and fold' after two C-sections and a cumulative 18 months of breastfeeding," but she is "so proud of the journey me and this body of mine have been on."

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