Shenae Grimes gets candid about postpartum workouts: 'My body will forever jiggle'

Shenae Grimes is "proud" of her postpartum journey.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old Canadian actress took to Instagram to pen an honest update for her more than 450,000 followers, about exercising since giving birth to her second child, Kingsley, in August 2021.

"Been back on my workout game for one year since having my second baby," Grimes-Beech wrote alongside a set of outdoor photos of herself posing in a pair of black bicycle shorts and a matching sports bra. "This is a practice I knew I had to kickstart as soon as I could because of the wonders it did for my mental health during my first postpartum season."

The former "90210" star and her husband, Josh Beech, also share a 3-year-old daughter, Bowie Scarlett.

She explained that after having her first child, she "struggled with postpartum anxiety," but working out "was a reminder that I could do hard things and got me through a lot of the more challenging moments mentally as a first-time mom."

She said that exercising is "a guiding light that has the power to shift the trajectory of my entire day and time," and that she looks forward. to it as a "reprieve from the daily chaos, because it requires me to put 100% of my focus on me for a change."

The mom-of-two gave herself a pat on the back for how far she has come in the last five years, admitting that while her body will always “'jiggle-jiggle and fold' after two C-sections and a cumulative 18 months of breastfeeding," she is "so proud of the journey me and this body of mine have been on."

"I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life and the mental relief I get from this 30-minute commitment to putting myself first for a moment has been life-changing," she concluded.

The "Degrassi: The Next Generation" actress's candid post was quickly met with applause from fans.

"I am five months postpartum, so I completely relate to the fitness journey. It is so important to do for our mental health, and I truly feel like I am also at my strongest physically and mentally. You look amazing, Mmma!" one fan shared.

"This is great," another commenter wrote. "You look gorgeous, and I love the focus on the mental benefits of exercise."

"You’re an inspiration to take time to work out for yourself and your own well-being!" added another.

Someone else chimed in: "I love your transparency! Thank you for sharing this. You look amazing, and you're such an inspiration to new moms."

"You look amazing!" another wrote.

This isn't the first time that Grimes-Beech has opened up about motherhood with her Instagram followers. In July, she shared a "life update," admitting that she was feeling "overwhelmed" with her to-do list.

"Not doing so hot, TBH. And I'm sharing to destigmatize not being OK and demystify all that glitters on social media," she wrote via her Instagram story.

"Overwhelmed with how much I have to be grateful for in this season of life and also just wildly overwhelmed," Grimes-Beech continued. "My brain is overflowing with to-dos and emotions and it's definitely getting the better of me."

"I'm snappy, I'm frustrated, I'm just plain un-fun to be around," she shared. "I don't like it but I'm struggling to find the capacity to do the mental processing or physical activities that could get me to a calmer headspace. I keep thinking if I just get ABCDEFGXYZ checked off the list, I'll be able to relax, find time to take care of myself, and be more present to enjoy time with my family more."

In an effort to lighten the load, Grimes-Beech revealed that she's trying to shake "the scarcity mentality," and "enter a season of saying 'no.'"

"No, I can't take that on right now. No, I appreciate the opportunity, but I don't have room on my plate at the moment. No, I can't do it because I need to start saying 'yes' to things that matter most," the Toronto, Ont.-native went on, adding:

"Yes, I can giggle at you trying to hold yourself sturdy while your legs wobble uncontrollably. Yes, I can cook a nutritious meal to feed us tonight instead of ordering takeout last minute because the day got away from me. Yes, I can nap instead of answering those emails. Because yes, the rest will still be there later and yes, it can wait."

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