Shocker: Taylor Swift Is Now a Billionaire

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, Taylor Swift is now a billionaire, officially joining Forbes’s annual “New Billionaires” list.

Swift is one of 14 new celebs (and 265 people overall) to join the new Forbes Billionaires List published on April 2, 2024. According to Forbes, the star achieved billionaire status in late 2023, mainly thanks to her cross-continental Eras Tour, aka. the first music tour in history to gross more than $1 billion with only its first 60 shows across the United States, Mexico, and Argentina.

Since then, Swift has taken the show across Asia and Australia, with even more stops scheduled in 2024 across Europe and North America, which will increase the tour revenue even more. Per Box Office Mojo, the accompanying Eras Tour film, initially released theatrically on October 2023, has also amassed more than $261 million in revenue worldwide.

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Combining earnings from royalties, touring, and the re-release of most of her music catalog, plus roughly a hundred million more from her real estate portfolio, Forbes estimated Swift’s net worth to be around $1.1 billion, with one full billion coming from music and music-related ventures alone.

Swift is the third musician to make Forbes’s 2024 Billionaire list, only after Rihanna and Jay-Z. However the publication notes she’s “the first musician to hit ten-figure status solely based on her songs and performances.” According to Forbes, Rihanna’s tickets to the ten-figure club were Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty, while Jay-Z relied on two alcohol companies as well as stakes in companies such as Uber and Block.

According to an Oxfam report from 2022, billionaire wealth had increased as much in 24 months as it had in the 23 years prior. Per Forbes, Swift joins other 264 new billionaires in 2024, up from “just” 150 in 2023.

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With all the records she’s broken plus all her infamous jet-setting to visit family, hang out with her girls, and support boyfriend Travis Kelce between concert stops, Swift’s newly-minted billionaire status is shocking to nobody.

But fret not, because we’ll always have big philanthropy. And just a reminder, no matter who holds the wealth, billionaires should not exist.

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