5 shoe storage solutions and closet organizers to keep your entryway neat and tidy

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Fall is finally here — and Canadian Tire is here to help you make sure you’re Ready For everything. From easy weekend D.I.Y. home updates to tips on how to maximize storage in any space, we’ve got you covered as you get back into your autumn routine.

Parent and child with entryway shoe storage
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Tripping over an endless mountain of shoes while searching for that set of keys you misplaced a week ago? You're not alone.

It’s easy to let mess go unchecked, and organization fall by the wayside. As the world starts to look a little closer to normal though, you might find yourself itching for some new ways to get things back in order. With the colder months coming up and kids heading back to school, you can be sure of one thing: there are going to be even more items stacking up at the door now that it’s autumn. Having a more organized front hall — and everything in its right place — can be key to trimming stress and mess from your daily routine.

From sneaky storage units to clever closet organizers, here are some top tips to help keep one of the most heavily-trafficked areas of your home clean, organized and mess-free. (You’re on your own when it comes to finding those keys though...)

Maximize your vertical space

Leaning hallway organizer for coats and shoes
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Ask any interior designer or master organizer what their #1 tip is, and you’ll likely get the same answer: Don’t forget about vertical space. One great solution to put wasted wall space to good use is a leaning organizer that’s equal parts elegant and functional. Hang coats, drape scarves and sweaters, and use three-tier shelving for items like structured hats, shoes and more. You’ll be surprised what a big difference this seemingly small change can make.

Use storage that doubles as bench seating

Shoe storage bench for entryway and front hall
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Small spaces, like virtually any entryway, require out-of-the-box thinking—and multi-purpose storage units. If you’ve ever found yourself hopping around on one foot while trying to get your shoes on, consider adding a storage unit that doubles as seating to your entryway. Use the baskets to store your most-used footwear, and the bench to sit while putting them on.

It will make mornings with kids a whole lot easier too, especially during the colder months when lacing up boots and buttoning fall jackets.

Put unused real estate to use

Over the door closet organizer and shoe rack
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Keeping clutter organized and out of sight has never been easier thanks to over-the-door organizers—another key trick when it comes to utilizing vertical space. Line up your footwear using an organizer that perfectly fits over a door frame. It’s one of the easiest ways to not only save yourself the struggle of tripping over a pile of shoes at your door, but also make it easier to find your favourite pairs at a glance.

Over-door storage solutions aren’t just for shoes either; this type A Ease Over-the-Door 20-Pocket Organizer features clear plastic pockets that can hold any manner of fall gear, while a set of over-the-door hooks are the perfect thing for hanging light fall jackets.

Keep clutter hidden with bins

Clever storage units that double as home decor
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If you’re anything like us, we know you prefer your clutter out of sight, out of mind. Consider investing in a storage solution that uses cubes and drawers to organize items like mittens, hats, scarves and more, all while looking elegant and providing a hardtop to keep necessities easy to reach for. Or do away with baskets and opt for a 16-compartment unit made especially for shoes, while also featuring a solid top to keep your keys, wallet and phone from getting lost in the mess.

Don’t forget about your coat closet

Hanging closet organizer for shoe storage and coats
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Don’t be fooled: Coat closets aren’t just for hanging jackets. Instead of allowing your footwear to pile up at the bottom of your closet, try these stackable shoe racks that you can line up side-by-side, or place on top of each other. Better yet, organize your racks by season or style—sandals on one, winter wear on the other.

Another smart, simple way to store your most-used items? Opt for a hanging organizer that’s suitable for shoes and hats, while also being easy to move around and adjust as needed.

Fall is all about getting back into a routine, and Canadian Tire is here to make sure you’re Ready For Fall. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to prepare your home and lawn for the cold weather or delicious, healthy recipes that will make nights a breeze, we’ve got you covered.

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