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Shop these Earth Day deals on eco-friendly electric bikes on sale for up to $1000 off

Save up to $1,000 on models from Aventon, Bluejay Bikes, Juiced, Lectric and more for Earth Day 2024.

Shop these Earth Day deals on eco-friendly electric bikes on sale for up to $1000 off

It's Earth Day 2024! Since 1970, April 22nd has been dedicated to reminding us to do our best to leave the planet better than we found it. One way we can better our environment and minimize our carbon footprint is by parking our cars and riding an electric bike instead.

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Electric bikes (e-bikes) have become all the rage amongst young and old and for good reason: compared to the original e-bikes from 10 years ago, they're lighter, less expensive, impeccably designed, go faster and farther on a single charge, and can even carry a week’s worth of groceries, a couple of kids or both. But they still don't come cheap — you should expect to pay about $1,000 to $3,500 for a quality electric bike. Before balking at the price consider the fuel savings and saved wear-and-tear on your vehicle when weighing the pros and cons (not to mention the health and ecological benefits of riding a bike daily).

For Earth Day 2024, we've rounded up some great prices on e-bikes for young and old, commuters and cruisers, and even car-poolers. But first, a little background on the different classes of electric bikes so you know exactly what to look for.

If you're new to electric bikes, the first decision you should make is which class of e-bike is best for you. The different classes, championed by and widely adopted by bike manufacturers and governments, help everyone from beginners to e-bike experts find a bike to fit their needs.

A Class 1 electric bike requires you to pedal to engage the motor and keep the bike moving. Once the motor is engaged, it "assists" in pedaling up to 20 mph. Of course, you can go faster on these bikes, but the pedal assist cuts off at 20 mph.

A Class 2 bike is likely what comes to mind when you think of an electric bike, and the majority of e-bikes fall into this class. They're equipped with a throttle that will take over when you're tired of pedaling. The Class 2 regulation also means the throttle will max out at 20 mph

Class 3 e-bikes be just pedal assist or eqipped with both pedal assist and throttle. The key to Cl;ass 3 bikes it the the higher speed that either tops out at 28 mph or exceeds it.

Class 4 bikes are essentially electric mopeds or motorcycles and can go well over 28 mph.

Bluejay is an electric bike company that only sells Class 1/3 bikes — no throttles to be found. What it does have is incredibly well-made, sturdy electric bikes in three styles: Primere Edition Cruiser (mine shown above); a Sport all-terrain; and the Bluejay Wild for kids (Class 1). 

The power in these e-bikes comes from a top-of-the-line Bafang 350-watt mid-drive torque sensor motor. The battery is equally impressive and provides up to 75 miles of cruising between charges. There's also a control panel with a USB charging port that displays speed, battery life, lights and mileage. Add in five levels of pedal assist with a 10-speed Shimano gear hub and you have a bike that is built to last.

Now through Mother’s Day, get 20% off select Bluejay Premiere Edition colors, and all Bluejay Sport bikes. You'll also receive a Pannier Nantucket bike basket with your Premiere Edition or Sport purchase so you can haul groceries or other goodies. Additionally, you'll get a free front basket with Premiere Edition purchases ($150 value) and free professional assembly ($150 value). If you buy two Bluejay bikes, you'll get an additional $500 off.

$2,636 (plus freebies) at Bluejay Bikes

A vintage cruiser electric trike that's customizable to your cargo needs sounds too good to be true, but the EVRY Journey 250W electric tricycle from Sixthreezero Electrified is the real deal, and it's $1,000 off.

The 250-watt motor is ultra-quiet and tops out at 15 mph with the throttle or pedal assist. So while it's technically a Class 2 with a throttle, it's every bit a Class 1 for speed and pedal assist. Its battery will net you between 10 and 50 miles depending on how fast you go and how much you are carrying (there's a 300-pound capacity). It only takes about two to three hours to recharge and includes a rear folding basket. The e-trike also has an easy-to-read LCD and 26-inch tires that are best kept on paved roads.

$1,199 at Sixthreezero

Lectric Bikes often brings "first-evers" to the e-bike market. In the case of the XPeak High-Step eBike, it's the first and only e-bike in its class to come with a premium RST Renegade front fork that sits on puncture-resistant knobby fat tires with slime — essentially, that means no flats and an ultra-smooth ride on any terrain.  

There are five levels of pedal assist in the 750-watt rear-hub motor. It also comes with hydraulic mineral oil brakes for ultra-fast stopping. Depending on how hard you push the battery, you can get close to 50 miles on a single charge. The backlit LCD will track your trip and let you know how much juice you have left. 

The XPeak High-Step is the perfect example of an e-bike that can cover all three classes, with pedal assist and thumb throttle offering the ability to zoom well past 20 mph. 

This bike comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is take it out of the box, attach the quick-release pedals and install the front wheel. Then you're ready to go!

$1,399 (plus a free battery) at Lectric

The Lectric One e-bike is another "first-ever" — the first Lectric fully designed and built in-house. What sets this bike apart is that it's a maintenance-free bike with a smart shifting pinion gearbox and Gates carbon drive belt instead of a chain (rare in bikes under $6,000). Coupled with hydraulic brakes and brake-activated taillights and reflective strips, it's an incredibly safe ride.

The 1310-watt motor with Stealth M24 technology makes for one of the quietest e-bikes I've ever come across, and the battery (available in standard or long range) will take you up to 60 miles before needing a charge. The standard city tires feature a reflective strip with not-so-standard Hippo Skin and slime to prevent flat tires. The bike comes in at 50 pounds and has handlebars that fold down for easy transport.

$1,999 at Lectric

Juiced is championing the fast, fun, fat-tire e-bike game with its RipCurrent S, another bike I've tested and loved right out of the box. It packs a 1000-watt motor and a go-for-days battery. It hits 28 mph with ease and can go 70-plus miles on a single charge. There's torque pedal assist for the cruiser and a thumb throttle for the speed demon. Its puncture-resistant knobby fat tires offer a smooth all-terrain ride, and it comes with hydraulic disc brakes, a rear rack, fenders, front and back tail lights and ergonomic grips.  

In addition to the Earth Day sale, there's free shipping on all bikes. 

$1,999 at Juiced Bikes

Ride1Up is offering multiple Earth Day deals. Shown here is the Class 3 step-over Cafe Cruiser, a commuter and cruiser rolled into one super-fun ride. It's equipped with a 750-watt motor and a battery that will take you 30 to 50 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline and level of assist. I am testing this bike and can attest to the fun factor and quality.

The Mozo Hydraulic Lockout fork sits on 26-inch fat tires for a smooth multi-terrain ride. Even more impressive is the lightweight 65-pound frame that can carry 350 pounds. The bike comes with fenders, racks, front and back lights and a plush comfort cruiser saddle.

$1,195 at Ride1Up

Aventon offers a large catalog of e-bikes ranging from commuters to cruisers to folding and cargo e-bikes, and many are currently on sale for Earth Day. Shown here is the Abound cargo e-bike, a Class 2 with a throttle and top speed of 20 mph. Its 750-watt motor and battery will carry you (and up to 440 pounds on its 81-pound frame) up to 50 miles on a single charge. It also has integrated headlights, taillights and turn signals. 

For Earth Day, Aventon is offering deals including $500 off select bikes as well as free batteries and accessories. 

$1,799 ($500 off select bikes, free batteries and accessories) at Aventon

The Revv 1 moped-style bike is a great example of an e-bike that starts as a Class 2 but can easily be boosted to a Class 3. That's thanks to the 'Off-Road' mode that unlocks speeds in excess of 28 mph. It's equipped with a 750-watt motor and an alloy frame. The Samsung battery will take you 30 to 60 miles on a single charge, depending on rider weight, terrain and how hard you push the motor. The e-moped fat tires offer a smooth multi-terrain ride, while the integrated headlight and brake-activated taillight keep you safe and visible.

$2,295 at Ride1Up

Velotric's T1 ST, a Class 1, only weighs 35 pounds compared with 50-plus pounds for most e-bikes. Another standout feature for a Class 1 pedal-assist bike: It has an unlock feature that will take you from a max pedal-assist speed of 20 mph to 25 mph. So, if there is a speed demon hiding inside, this bike will fit the bill. It has a 350-watt (peak 600-watt) motor and a battery that will take you up to 50 miles on a single charge. Its five-level torque pedal assist and hydraulic disc brake deliver a smooth, safe, fun ride. To top it off, this bike is compatible with "Apple Find My," so it's essentially an Apple AirTag on wheels.

Through Earth Day, Velotric is offering loads of deals and freebies on its entire line. So if this Class 1 isn't for you, there are plenty more Class 2 and 3 bikes to choose from.

$1,099 at Velotric

If you're looking for a sweet electric trike, the foldable Electric XP is a great option at a great price for Earth Day. Buy it now and you'll also get a free cargo package that includes a front rack, and small and large basket attachments.

While it has an impressive 1,092-watt rear hub motor, it maxes out at 14 mph, so no drag racing on this one. This e-trike sits right between Class 1 and 2 due to the speed and throttle combination, so it's not too fast, but it's still equipped with a throttle so your legs don't have to do all the work. The battery will net you 60 miles between charges. The hydraulic brake system also extends to two parking brakes for added security. And if you were hoping to travel with your trike, it's 38.5" x 30.5" x 30" when folded, so stow it in your trunk and go. Once you pop off the battery, it's down to 62.5 pounds, so not too bad for two people to lift in and out of the car.

$1,499 at Lectric

If a folding e-bike is what you're looking for, Hey Bike's Mars 2.0 is one for your shortlist. This Class 3 has a 1000-watt rear hub motor that tops out at 32 mph and has a max range of 45 miles. Equally impressive is the 15 seconds it takes to fold or unfold the bike. 

Sitting on 20-inch fat tires, it features hydraulic brakes, front fork suspension and a 330-pound capacity. The robust Hey Bike app lets you control and customize the bike's settings.

Through Earth Day, Hey Bike is discounting its entire line of bikes, including an early bird special on its Hero 750-watt mid-drive carbon fiber mountain bike.

$1,099 at Hey Bike