Shoppers Say This $23 Serum "Immediately" Calms Redness and Softens Skin

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Dermatologists call its hero ingredient a “super vitamin.”

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Amazon / InStyle

The transition from summer to autumn is among my favorite times of year; my skin, however, would beg to differ. If you, like I, have naturally dry skin that’s prone to feeling uncomfortably tight when the balmy days of summer wane and blustering fall winds take over, consider the InstaNaturals Niacinamide Face Serum, which, according to shoppers, is among the most soothing, hydrating solutions they’ve found. For a limited time, you can shop the serum on sale at Amazon for $23.

Once a buzzword, niacinamide has since proven itself as a mainstay in the skincare lexicon, where it’s a dermatologist and skincare-lover go-to ingredient for soothing and brightening even the most sensitive skin. Incidentally, according to data from Glimpse, searches for niacinamide have increased by 53 percent over the past year — a testament to its effectiveness.





The InstaNatural Niacinamide Face Serum is a highly hydrating, soothing, complexion brightening solution for dry, dull, and highly sensitive skin. It features a watery consistency, a cooling, skin-soothing feel, and, of course, its titular ingredient, niacinamide.

Niacinamide is a dermatologist-loved form of vitamin B — specifically, vitamin B3 — that has become one of the quintessential calming ingredients of the skincare world. As dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, MD previously shared with InStyle, "It's a super vitamin… because it's multi-dimensional in terms of how it can support the skin." In addition to quelling irritation, the ingredient has been shown to repair skin damage — a major factor in age-related skin changes — and can “fight back to reduce visible signs of aging,” Dr. Shamban added. Furthermore, the ingredient is an excellent moisturizer, and can even help skin retain hydration for longer, Dr. Shamban previously said.

In addition to its hero ingredient, the InstaNaturals serum is also spiked with Korean beauty super-calmer centella asiatica. Also known as tiger grass, it’s lauded in light of its anti-inflammatory, redness relieving properties, which can be particularly helpful when skin is sensitized, or when the skin barrier is weakened. Also featured in the formula is aloe vera extract, which is commensurately soothing thanks to its highly hydrating, skin-calming properties — hence its use as soothing skin solution on sunburns.

Shoppers, especially those with sensitive skin, swear by the InstaNaturals Niacinamide Face Serum. According to one reviewer, who dubs it their “holy grail” for their easily irritated complexion, it’s the “best thing to happen to [their] skin.” In addition to seeing their redness calm down “immediately,” they noted that they noticed “no flakes, no redness, and the softest skin” by the next day. Another shopper, who has “tried just about everything” to quell skin irritation and repair skin barrier damage — especially in the drying winter months — said it’s “the only niacinamide serum… that actually soothes when my skin is reactive.”

For a shopper-loved, soothing solution to seasonal skin sensitivity, shop the InstaNaturals Niacinamide Face Serum at Amazon for $23 for a limited time. 

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