Shoppers In Their 50s Say This Firming and Plumping Moisturizer “Brought Life” Back to Their “Aging Skin”

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Others call it their “new holy grail.”

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If there’s one name at the center of every celebrity’s beauty routine, it’s Dermalogica. The professional-grade skin care brand has been used by Selena Gomez, Madelyn Cline, and Cindy Crawford, and Oprah even called its face scrub a “superstar.” Founded by skin therapists, Dermalogica brings researched-back, potent ingredients to skin care essentials — and its newest launch is no different.

The brand’s Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream, a firming moisturizer designed to hydrate, plump, and reduce fine lines, just launched this month and already boasts more than 300 five-star reviews. Packed with ingredients that smooth and tighten skin, the formula is a must-have for those wanting anti-aging results. And while it might be on the pricier side at $125, shoppers say that it’s “definitely worth it.”



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This cream’s formulation features an impressive lineup of hydrating and firming ingredients, including squalane, which dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD, shared with InStyle, “has wonderful hydrating properties and maintains our skin's own moisture barrier.” It also includes glycerin for added hydration, jojoba oil to calm inflammation, as well as luffa root and adaptogenic astragalus which smooths, tightens, and firms, per the brand. And shoppers say they were able to see noticeable differences in as little as a week.

“Prior to using [Phyto Oxygen Cream] my skin [was] dry and dull, [but] after using it for one week my skin is so hydrated and plump. My fine lines have almost disappeared,” wrote one customer who called it their “new holy grail.” Per another, “I started noticing a difference within a week of using it — my fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable and my skin feels firmer and bouncy!” And according to a shopper in their 50s, this cream “brought life back” to their “aging skin” noting an increase in firmness, plumpess, and hydration.

And while I tend to believe results are the most important aspect of an anti-aging treatment, shoppers are also obsessed with this moisturizer’s “luxurious and creamy” feel. “The texture is silky and smooth and absorbs effortlessly,” wrote one, while another noted that makeup “glides on” with ease atop the cream. And according to one other, “it’s not greasy at all yet super hydrating,” noting that it immediately leaves their skin “more radiant and glowing.”

Simplify your skincare routine by tackling signs of aging and dehydration with Dermalogica’s does-it-all Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream, which you can grab today for $125.

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