Shoppers Say This “Magic” Lash-Growth Serum Is “Better Than Extensions” — and It’s on Sale for InStyle Readers

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Reviewers notice results in as little as one week.

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Beauty can come at a cost, but you know what I always tell people who are hesitant about splurging on something special? I say, think beyond the now — and instead, take note of its impact. A $135 exfoliating cleanser? Sure, it sounds pricey at first, but not when you think about the fact that using it regularly could replace the need for your monthly facials, in turn saving you thousands of dollars a year. Or how about a $120 eyelash serum? It’s a splurge, but shoppers who’ve used it say it’s replaced their mascara, and if you calculate the cost of never having to buy a tube again, $120 seems like pennies.

There are hundreds of eyelash serums out there, but this under-the-radar option from Obagi, a celeb-used beauty brand that counts Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Ayesha Curry, and Drew Barrymore as fans, according to a brand rep, is superior for a handful of reasons. Its formula is a standout, as it’s packed with nourishing ingredients like biotin that supports the natural production of keratin, a lipid compound that adds thickness and fullness, and sodium hyaluronate, a derivative of hyaluronic acid that nourishes and provides moisture.

As an added bonus: the Obagi buy is on sale for InStyle readers only. All you have to do to secure this rare deal and watch the $120 price drop down to $95 is use the code NUCIL25IS at checkout.



Shop now: $95 with code NUCIL25IS at checkout (Originally $120);

The appeal of this top-rated lash serum is that it targets the root of the problem (pun intended), giving your lashes long-lasting volume and thickness, versus mascara or lash extensions that only provide a temporary (and oftentimes pricey) solution. If your natural lashes can look good with virtually zero extra work in the morning — aside from a few swipes of the serum in the evening — how can you say no? I certainly can’t.

Shoppers have waxed poetic about this game-changing Obagi buy, and if you had any hesitation to try it, reading through them will convince you to test it out, stat. After all, seeing is believing when it comes to this serum, as reviewers write, with noticeably different results in about one week.

“I really saw results within a week and a half… my lashes were magically fuller. I didn't even see any short hairs, it's as if they grew the full length overnight,” wrote one shopper. Another crowned the serum a “goddess to admire,” writing, “It takes my thinner, frail eyelashes and blesses them with the gift of voluptuous, striking thickness. It leaves them fuller in appearance, and more nourished.”

The goal is always to have long, fluttery lashes, and with Obagi’s serum, you’ll achieve that with a few consistent swipes. No wonder so many Amazon shoppers have also called it “magic.”

Shop it for $95 when you use the code NUCIL25IS at checkout. 

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