Shoppers Say This Now-$16 Pedicure Kit Is "the Answer" to Smooth, Callus-Free Feet Ahead of Summer

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Shop it while it’s double discounted.

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Amazon/ InStyle

When the sun started setting later than 5 p.m., I went full sandal-shopping mode. Said online orders are now starting to arrive in my mailbox — which forced me to take a good hard look at the condition of my not-so-summer-ready feet. I’m talking about thick heels, calluses, and dry peeling skin. It’s a horror show. In my search for an appropriately efficient and affordable option, I came across this Pritech Portable Electronic Foot File Pedicure Tool that is on sale and highly rated.

The Pritech rechargeable Portable Electronic Foot File Pedicure Tool is 53 percent off thanks to a coupon-sale double whammy. It comes in black, white, and pink colorways, each of which includes three different rollers and a cleaning brush. It’s waterproof, can be used for up to two hours before it needs a recharge, and has two speeds and an LED light. Basically, it has any and every bell or whistle you can think of for a device of this nature.



Shop now: $16 with coupon (Originally $40);

The first roller attachment is for daily foot care — it keeps your skin smooth. The second is to remove surface-level calluses and dead skin. The third head is the industrial strength option — it’s coarse and removes thick calluses as well as layers of stubborn, deep, and thick dead skin.

With all of those features, the Pritech Electronic Pedicure Tool promises a lot, and according to the 31,000-plus five-star ratings and reviews, it delivers. Shoppers call it “the answer” to all of your foot-care woes. One reviewer said they “used to be embarrassed” to even get a pedicure because “the bottoms of [their] feet were so bad. After using this, however, they had “no more cracked feet or calluses.”

Another reviewer called it a “miracle worker.” The shopper wrote, “I had some deep cracks in my heels but this thing smoothed them out without taking off so much skin that it hurt… I was amazed at how smooth my skin was.” Lastly, since you might be going at your feet for two hours with this thing, shoppers highlight how ergonomic and easy to use the Pritech device is.

Head to Amazon to shop this foot-smoothing device while it’s still $16. (That’s a whopping 55 percent discount.) Your feet will be ready for your summer sandals in no time.

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