Shoppers Get Tons of Compliments on Their “Impeccable” Skin With This $9 Foundation

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It even "fills in wrinkles.”

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Amazon / InStyle

That Olay and Covergirl — both over a half-century old  — remain relevant today, despite the ever-expanding beauty market, is remarkable, yet hardly a stroke of luck. As anyone who has tried products from either brand will likely attest: they’re, well, simply good in their respective domains.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a collision of the beauty titans yields something fantastic, as evidenced by the Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation. Over 26,000 Amazon shoppers give it a perfect five-star rating; many reviewers with mature skin swear the skincare-makeup hybrid resists settling into fine lines, and imparts non-cakey, natural looking coverage. Intrigued? Luckily, the foundation is $9 at Amazon — but only for a limited time.





The Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation is a face makeup with imperfection-blurring coverage and a luminous, skin-like finish. Designed specifically for mature skin, it addresses a frustrating yet common phenomenon any makeup-wearer over a certain age has surely experienced: foundation settling into fine lines, thereby accentuating wrinkles, or appearing cakey as the day wears on.

This formula glides over fine lines and facial folds, and, in turn, delivers a smooth look instantly and resists settling into lines throughout the day.





This foundation bestows longer-term benefits, too. The skincare-spiked formula brightens and plumps, by virtue of two ingredients your dermatologist would more than likely greenlight; one of which is hyaluronic acid (HA). The hydration-hungry humectant serves up smoother skin — instantly — thanks to its plumping effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyperpigmentation’s mortal enemy, vitamin C, is also featured in the formula, where it works to fade hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, the vitamin — an excellent antioxidant — protects against skin-agers found in the environment.

One shopper dubs the foundation “the best makeup for wrinkles,” citing how “it fills in” lines. Moreover, “I get compliments all the time on my makeup,” they say.  Similarly, another shopper says it “doesn’t settle into fine lines.” Yet another reviewer, who calls it “moisturizing” and perfect for sensitive skin, says they’ve received “many compliments,” including people calling their skin “impeccable.” Other fans: InStyle editors, who crowned it best overall anti-aging foundation.

If $9 is the price of garnering compliments on my skin, count me in. Shop the Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation at Amazon while it’s on a limited-time sale.

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