Siera Bearchell shares 'adorable' photos making 'core memories' with her kids

The influencer expressed her feelings of nostalgia after going golfing with her family.

Siera Bearchell is making "core memories" with her kids.

On Tuesday, the former Miss Canada took to Instagram with a carousel of family photos, capturing their recent golf course outing. The snaps featured Bearchell alongside her husband Brennen Wray, their playful four-year-old daughter Lily and their 10-month-old son Iver.

In the caption accompanying the photos, Bearchell expressed feelings of nostalgia after a family golf trip.

"Core memories unlocked and core memories made. I grew up hitting golf balls in bare feet and doing cartwheels on the course," she recalled.

"Now, to see Lily doing the same is just ... I love that we have found a golf course that embraces family with an elevated experience," the 30-year-old influencer explained.

In the comments, fans applauded Bearchell for cherishing the core memories with her little ones and praised her "beautiful" family.

"So amazing when parents recognize core memories as [they're] happening for their kids. I love that. You're a great mom!" an Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "Such a beautiful family."

"Gotta cherish these little precious (but fleeting) moments. You're gonna blink and they'll be teenagers!" someone else weighed in.

"Oh my goodness gracious! The preciousness of it all!" a fan commented.

In April, Bearchell shared an honest Instagram post reflecting on the "trenches of parenthood."

"Your baby isn't sleeping, your toddler isn't sleeping, you can't eat a whole piece of toast without getting up from the table multiple times, you forget who you used to be before kids," she shared.

Bearchell compared motherhood to "raising a new version" of herself, "who sets an example that shapes the life of these little eyes that watch your every move."

"I'm working on ways to better myself mentally and physically so I can be a better version of myself for both myself and them," she wrote.

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