Siera Bearchell admits to 'feeling overwhelmed' in motherhood

The former Miss Canada has shared that behind her seamless posts are a lot of "sleepless nights."

Siera Bearchell is getting real about what goes on "behind the scenes of motherhood."

On Sunday, the former Miss Canada took to Instagram with a carousel of candid photos from the past week, including snaps with her four-year-old daughter and eight-month-old son.

She paired the post with an honest caption about parenthood, explaining that behind her seamless posts are a lot of "sleepless nights."

"Remember that what you see on social media is 'usually' a highlight reel!," the 30-year-old penned. "With the fun moments, also came sleepless nights, feeling overwhelmed, and seriously considering if I should pull back on working outside of motherhood, or continue to forge ahead."

The Saskatchewan-native pointed out women are often faced with the "difficult" choice of prioritizing their careers or their families.

"There is no perfect path. There are no clear answers. What feels right one day, feels overwhelming the next," she wrote, adding that she wants to pursue her passions to encourage her children to eventually do the same.

"I want my children to see me pursuing what I’m passionate about," Bearchell shared. "I want to lead by example."

Bearchell's post garnered praise from fans for "keeping it real."

"I love how honest you are about what happens [behind the scenes] of motherhood. Like, it's not all that glowing, nurturing, rainbows and butterflies crap. Thank you for keeping it real," an Instagram user commented.

"You are such a strong beautiful role model for your children," added another, while someone else chimed in: "Thank you for your vulnerability. Inspiring as always."

Last month, Bearchell shared an honest Instagram post reflecting on the "trenches of parenthood."

"Your baby isn’t sleeping, your toddler isn’t sleeping, you can’t eat a whole piece of toast without getting up from the table multiple times, you forget who you used to be before kids," she shared.

Bearchell compared motherhood to "raising a new version" of herself, "who sets an example that shapes the life of these little eyes that watch your every move."

"I’m working on ways to better myself mentally and physically so I can be a better version of myself for both myself and them," she wrote.

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