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From significant others to dream colleges, Gen Z is using this filter to figure out their ‘soulmates’

With the help of this filter, Gen Zers are figuring out their compatibility with their “soulmate” — and the percentages certainly range.

As a rendition of “Blue Hair” by TV Girl plays, a hot pink graphic with two names separated by a heart emerges on the screen. The heart begins to fluctuate in percentage before reaching a final number of alleged compatibility.

The filter, while hardly factual, is a playful way for TikTok users to see just how well-matched certain pairings are.

15-year-old Chloe (@this_isnotchloe) used the filter to compare her boyfriend’s compatibility with her versus his ex.

“Might as well jus give him back”

Commenters had strong reactions to Chloe’s results.

“i would cry,” one user wrote.

“Might as well jus give him back,” another said.

“Bring bro back to his soulmate rn,” someone wrote.

Aussie (@aussiegirard), a content creator and aspiring actor, shared his compatibility with “you.”

“Okayyyy *tucks hair behind ear*”

“So ur soulmates with ever single person watching this?” someone joked. “Cool cool.”

“welp u have a whole lot of ‘soulmates,'” another replied.

“Okayyyy *tucks hair behind ear,” one user wrote.

Another way to use the filter? To figure out how compatible you and your dream school are. @brown.unofficial did exactly that.

“putting your name and your dream college is a dumb idea,” she writes.

“Manifesting UPenn and Brown”

Fellow high school seniors are hoping to have the same luck with college admissions in real life.

“Girl you have no idea how much I’m rooting for you,” one TikToker wrote. “Even if it’s not Brown, I have no doubt you’ll end up in a wonderful place equal if not better.”


“Manifesting UPenn and Brown,” someone replied.

Determining your soulmate is hardly as easy as inputting your name and theirs — but this TikTok filter gives users a cheeky way to imagine how well they fit with another person or, in some cases, place.

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