Hot sleeper? We put this cooling duvet from Simba Sleep to the test to see how it really performs

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We put the cooling Simba Hybrid Duvet to the test. Image courtesy of Simba.
We put the cooling Simba Hybrid Duvet to the test. Image courtesy of Simba.

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Like Goldilocks and the three bears, finding a duvet cover that’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right can certainly be a challenge — especially in the heat of summer.

That’s what the innovative mattress company Simba set out to solve when they created their Hybrid Duvet. It uses space-inspired fabric technology that’s designed to regulate your body temperature while you sleep, keeping you cool on every level.

Featuring a multi-layered design, this vegan duvet uses three unique fabrics as part of its cooling design: a Stratos exterior provides active temperature regulation, while a filling made from Aerelle cool night fibres dissipate heat and cotton lining adds the final breathable touch.

Hybrid Duvet

Hybrid Duvet. Image courtesy of Simba.
Hybrid Duvet. Image courtesy of Simba.

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When the opportunity came up for us to put this duvet cover to the test, we knew we had to find out if the Hybrid Duvet lives up to its claims. Read on to find out what two Yahoo editors thought.

Kate Mendonca, Shopping Editor

I received my Simba mattress on what can only be described as the hottest week of the year here in Toronto, so the timing couldn't have been better to test it out. I was also really excited to see what my partner would think of this plush duvet, since he tends to run quite warm while he sleeps.

From the first moment that we opened the duvet up, both of us were impressed by its soft cotton feel that was somehow both light and substantial at once. It reminded me of the plush duvets that you often find in high end hotels, but what surprised me the most it that Simba was able to achieve this effect without using any down or feathers.

As for how it performed in the heat, it was a win for both me and my partner from the very first night. Even though I tend to run cold overnight and love the feel of a thick duvet at all times of the year, and my partner is basically a furnace overnight, it somehow managed to tick all of our boxes thanks to its temperature-regulating construction. I honestly didn't know what to expect when it came to testing out this duvet, but consider me impressed.

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Kayla Kuefler, Shopping Editor

Like Kate, I was very thankful to receive the Simba duvet when I did because, as previously mentioned, we have had a particularly sweltering summer, so anything claiming to be temperature-regulating has been more than welcome.

As someone who requires hypoallergenic bedding, I was impressed to learn the Simba duvet is not only made from recycled materials but doesn't use any animal products in its construction.

Regarding the temperature regulation, while I can't say I noticed a major difference between the Simba and my old duvet, I do sleep wonderfully with it, which, in itself, is a testament to its comfort and quality. It's light enough that it feels breathable but cozy enough that you feel tucked in.

As the duvet is designed to draw heat away from the body, I'm interested in seeing how it fares in the winter, but for now, I would recommend it.

What others are saying

Backed by a near-perfect 4.8-star rating from more than 7,000 customer reviews, it's clear that we're not the only ones loving the Simba Hybrid Duvet.

"After suffering from night sweats for a number of months, even through winter, and laying on top of the bedding, I have found my new happy place under my Simba duvet. Its a good weight whilst keeping me at a good temperature too," reads one review.

"Slightly weighted which is great for me as I like to feel tucked in tight. Not too hot and not too cold, temperature regulation is fab," reads another.

Shoppers have called it an "absolutely amazing purchase" with one reviewer even noting that they have "slept like a baby" since receiving their duvet. While some shoppers have instantly fallen for this plush duvet, others have said that they still found it to be "too hot for summer use."

Final verdict

Bedding can be a tricky thing to get just right, but if you're on the hunt for a duvet that satisfies a wide audience you may just want to consider the Simba Hybrid Duvet. At $299, it's not the most inexpensive option on the market, but it does deliver a comfortable and luxurious feel that will have you sleeping soundly.

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