The Simple 2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse That Packs A Ton Of Flavor

Cups of chocolate mousse with spoon
Cups of chocolate mousse with spoon - Liliya Kandrashevich/Shutterstock

Chocolate mousse is a dream for those of us with a sweet tooth. A well-made version is so intensely chocolatey and creamy, yet light as air, that it can satisfy the most discerning chocoholics, and probably convert people who tend to find chocolate desserts too sweet or overwhelming. Using only a few ingredients — traditionally egg whites and yolks, sugar, cream, and chopped chocolate — you can create an ethereal, cushiony cloud of chocolate flavor.

The only downside is that inexperienced cooks can end up making a mousse that's dense, grainy, or worst of all, has bits of cooked yolks in it due to imperfect tempering of the eggs (which is a tricky step called for in many recipes). Luckily, even amateur dessert lovers can pull off a totally satisfying, flavor-packed chocolate mousse with two almost magical 2-ingredient recipes. These shortcuts to perfect mousse use possibly the easiest techniques and shortest ingredient lists you can find. Just grab some chocolate and heavy cream or water, and follow a few steps to reach chocolate heaven.

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How To Make This Simple Mousse Happen

whipped chocolate ganache in bowl
whipped chocolate ganache in bowl - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Whether you choose to combine the chocolate with water or cream, select your ingredients carefully. For the dairy-based version of this mousse, heavy cream is a must. You'll need to whip it to make the mousse, and milk or half-and-half won't whip properly, creating a thin, soupy result. As for the chocolate, feel free to choose bittersweet, milk, or dark. Its intensity will be diluted in the final mousse, so choose a chocolate that is powerful in taste. Some argue that the best chocolate for the job contains at least 70% cacao.

From there, make a ganache by melting the chocolate together with a portion of the heavy cream. Whip the rest the cream into stiff peaks, then mix the two components once the ganache has cooled. You'll need to use some finesse -- you must fold the cream in gently to avoid deflating or overmixing. Done properly, the mixture should form a rich yet fluffy mousse. You can serve it immediately or store it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.

For the second option, melt the chocolate together with water in a bowl (multiply the amount of chocolate by ¾ to calculate the amount of water to use). Set the bowl over a larger bowl full of ice and vigorously whip by hand for just a few minutes, and you'll form a light, thick, airy mousse, as if by magic.

Customize Your 2-Ingredient Mousse

Chocolate mousse with mint and chocolate shavings
Chocolate mousse with mint and chocolate shavings - Halil ibrahim mescioglu/Shutterstock

The simplicity of a 2-ingredient mousse gives you a blank canvas (and plenty of extra time) to get creative with toppings and flavorings. Add a few drops of a flavored extract, like mint, coconut, or almond, to instantly flavor the mousse. For the water-and-chocolate version, replace the water with brewed tea, coffee, or partially with alcohol. Grand Marnier, bourbon, or brandy would make for a deliciously deep flavor profile. You could even give the dessert a kick with spices like cayenne or cinnamon (or both, for a Mexican hot chocolate-inspired mousse).

As for toppings, fruits like oranges or berries are a classic choice. Fresh vanilla whipped cream is sure to please, or add crunch with chopped hazelnuts, almonds, or walnuts. Cacao nibs, chocolate shavings, or chocolate chips double down on the cocoa factor, while a drizzle of peanut butter or caramel sauce enhances the chocolate with a complementary richness. For perhaps the simplest topping with maximum rewards, a sprinkle of sea salt can enhance the rich chocolate flavor while adding a light, delicately contrasting crunch.

You can even convert your mousse into something more substantial by pouring it into a pie shell and serving it in slices, or you could dollop it on top of a cake. Given how easy this method is, you'll find plenty of reasons to break out a tasty chocolate mousse for any occasion.

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