Slather Bacon Grease On Store-Bought Dinner Rolls For Richer Results

Dinner rolls on table
Dinner rolls on table - Richlegg/Getty Images

When you choose store-bought dinner rolls, you aim to save yourself some time in the kitchen while making the best rolls you can. These versatile rolls serve as the perfect accompaniment for mopping up marinara during pasta nights, dipping into a steaming bowl of chili, or serving as a superb appetizer before savoring some crispy chicken. With so many meals you can make, there are also so many varieties and brands of store-bought dinner rolls you can choose from. Yet, the paramount consideration lies in the impeccable quality of your rolls –- a delightful golden-brown crust that encases a soft and pillowy interior. It's how you would have wanted them if you made them from scratch, and with the right technique, you can get them there. One way to ensure richer results for your store-bought rolls is by slathering them with bacon grease.

That's right, folks. Move over butter and come on in bacon grease. Next time you sizzle up some bacon, save the grease and use it to polish your dinner rolls so they're shinier than a new pair of shoes. Not only will this impart a mesmerizing sheen, but it will also infuse your rolls with a novel taste and texture that is so delectable that you might find yourself making dinner rolls the star of your next meal.

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Adding Bacon Grease To Your Store-Bought Dinner Rolls

Dinners rolls in a basket
Dinners rolls in a basket - Bm4221/Getty Images

After preserving your bacon grease, grab a small brush to apply a layer of it on your rolls before and after heating. Gently coat the tops of each roll with bacon grease before placing them in the oven. This method will also work if you're making your dinner rolls in the air fryer. Once baked, take them out and brush on a bit more bacon grease. Instead of opting for butter, using bacon grease imparts a delightful smoky flavor to your rolls, with subtle hints of bacon.

The texture of the rolls will develop a crisp, flaky exterior from the grease as they heat up. The smoothness you'll sense on your fingertips might resemble butter, but the taste is far superior. When you take a bite of these dinner rolls, you'll develop a newfound appreciation for bacon grease. Instead of discarding it in the depths of your garbage bin (never down the sink!), you can repurpose it for more delightful uses. And this is just the beginning -– if you enjoy bacon grease on your dinner rolls, wait until you explore the wonders of other fats.

Adding Other Fats To Your Store-Bought Dinner Rolls

A jar of duck fat
A jar of duck fat - Laperla_foto/Getty Images

Once you incorporate bacon grease into your store-bought dinner rolls, you open the door to experimenting with various fats, adding a spectrum of flavors and aromas to diversify your meal repertoire. Duck fat is one of those versatile ingredients you can use to add some flavor to your store-bought dinner rolls. The next time you pan-cook some duck breasts, be sure to keep the fat (which you'll have plenty of). Duck meat provides an ample supply of melted fat so you'll be able to cover dozens of store-bought dinner rolls. Apply it on the outside, following the same steps used with bacon grease, and you'll experience a blend of savory, buttery, and sweet flavors glistening on your rolls that butter alone could never match.

If you love that, then you'll want to try some more fats. Similar to bacon fat, but with a unique flavor all of its own, pork lard can also be used for your store-bought dinner rolls. However, you may want to go for goose fat for a change in taste, or even beef tallow. Consider selecting fats that complement the specific type of meal you are preparing. If you aren't able to render the fat yourself, supermarkets have a wide range of fats already in jars. You can simply use store-bought fat the same way you would if you rendered it yourself.

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