Small dog abandoned at Bluffton Goodwill rescued by good Samaritan and animal services

An abandoned female chihuahua will have another chance at a good home after being discovered by a passerby who found her while making a donation to the Goodwill store in Bluffton.

On Thursday, the good Samaritan posted her outrage on the Nextdoor platform about finding a caged dog by the clothing donation bins at Goodwill. “To whomever decided to abandon the little dog at Goodwill by the clothing dumpster I hope you realize what a horrible person you are,” the poster wrote. Also in the posting were the details of the discovery, “I went to leave clothing in the donation bin this morning and noticed a little cage by the bin. I pulled the sheet back that was laying over it and saw a little black dog inside scared to death.”

A representative of the Goodwill at 509 Island Park West, in Bluffton, confirmed that the dog was found at their location and then taken in by Beaufort County Animal Services.

How is the puppy doing now?

According to Animal Services Dispatcher Christi Owens, the female chihuahua, now named Nyx after the Egyptian goddess of night, is less than 2 years-old. When she was found, ”she was just so scared that she was completely shut down.”

Owens is fostering her and in the short time she’s had her, Nyx has perked up. “She’s come out of her shell completely. She hangs out with my other chihuahuas,” Owens said. “She’s just such a good little girl. She wants to be held and cuddled and she just wants to be as close to you as possible.”

As for Nyx’s health, “She has some scarring along her spine that we don’t know where that came from,” Owens said.

“I know she’s gonna make somebody an amazing pet,” she added

Owens said it’s simply unacceptable to abandon a dog like this.

“Give us a call. Let us know that you’re unable to keep your pet any longer,” she stressed. “We’re not the bad guys, call us and ask us for help,” she said. “We might not be able to immediately help you, but we can offer resources, instead of just dumping a dog. No dog deserves to be dumped in a crate that they can’t remove themselves from with no food and water.

Needing a little time to recover as well as to be potty trained and spayed, Owens expects that Nyx will be up for adoption in a few weeks.

Anyone interested in fostering for the animal shelter can come in from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and fill out an application.