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The smart plugs loved by 7,000+ shoppers are just over $2 a pop for Cyber Monday

Smart plugs are an easy and affordable way to add intelligence to otherwise ordinary appliances. Just plug your regular lamp into one, and voila, you can use your voice or an app to control it! Some smart plugs can get pricey and others are bulky, often taking up two spots. But right now a 4-pack of these little Amysen smart plugs is just $9 (was $27) at Amazon for Cyber Monday. That's just over $2 a pop!

Control home appliances remotely and smartly by your phone or tablet, in 4 different outlets. Click the on-page coupon for the full discount.
$9 at Amazon

Smarten up for less

These plugs from Amysen offer the same features as most other models, but at a fraction of the price. You can use them with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant via the company’s own Cloud Intelligence app. Not only can you turn your appliances on and off remotely, the app also lets you set a timer so that they’ll power on or off at a specific time. Imagine a coffee maker that’ll brew you a fresh cup exactly at 8 a.m. It’s a dream come true!

Plus, these plugs are super compact, so you don’t have to worry about one hogging up the space of more than one outlet.

Amysen Smart Plugs
Control appliances with these affordable and compact smart plugs. (Photo: Amazon)

Home Smart Home

They’re a cinch to set up too.

“I’ve heard friends talk about these smart plugs and how cool they are,” said one shopper. “I just had to see for myself. Hubby is so tired when he gets home from work so I decided to purchase these to make his life just a little bit easier when he gets home. They were pretty easy to set up. I was able to do it all by myself, effortlessly. (I am not tech savvy at all).

“I did have to reset the network and turn off all of the devices I wanted to connect for 15 minutes,” they continued. “Once I turned everything on at the same time it worked perfectly. I used one of these to control his fan in the bedroom. It is so nice to turn the TV off and then tell Alexa to turn on THE FAN!! White noise from the fan is so sleep-inducing for him.. but not for me, so once he’s asleep I can tell the fan to shut off without having to get out of bed.. Use it to ask Alexa to turn off the floor lamp, which he always forgets to do once he’s in bed as well. The conveniences are endless...planning on ordering more! Amazing price! For such a wonderful gadget! Highly recommended.”

Amysen smart plugs
Easily share access to your Amysen plugs with any family member. (Photo: Amazon)

Accessible to all

You can also share access to every smart plug with other family members, if you like. That way everyone in the household can control your plugged-in appliances.

“Gotta love technology,” said one review. “I absolutely love these. Now I don't have to fumble my way through the house at night trying to turn on lamps. Even when coming home, hands are full. It's nice just to ask to turn it on. I use it through my Google Assistant, easy set up. Well worth the price. Did I mention I Absolutely Love this product. I'm also ordering set for my brother that has MS and bed-ridden — gives him a little more independence not having to ask to turn on/off lamps.”

Endless possibilities...

Just look through the thousands of five-star reviews and you'll find tons of ideas on how to use these smarties!

“...These plugs were incredibly easy to setup and seamlessly integrate with Alexa!” said another happy reviewer. “I ordered one set to check them out and quickly ordered a second set. I’m currently using them for the Christmas tree, our china cabinet, curio cabinet and 2 bedroom nightstand lamps — working flawlessly! ... They are working perfectly and I would not hesitate to buy more or recommend them to others.”

Control home appliances remotely and smartly by your phone or tablet, in 4 different outlets. Click the on-page coupon for the full discount.
$9 at Amazon

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