Soak Up Air Fryer Grease With Just A Slice Of Stale Bread

air fryer and fries
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Air fryers are becoming more common in domestic and commercial kitchens due to their speed and quality. If you're a home air fryer user, you're likely familiar with its efficiency compared to microwaves and convection ovens. However, the more you utilize your air fryer, the more crucial it becomes to address the inevitable accumulation of grease. Over time, this buildup can pose a risk of foodborne illness, as germs and food particles accumulate, according to registered dietary nutritionist Jackie Newgent (via Livestrong).

While the conventional approach might involve cleaning the entire air fryer, there's a practical method to reduce the frequency of deep cleaning: Target the grease at the bottom of the basket. A simple solution involves placing a slice of bread at the basket's base. As you use the air fryer, the grease will drip onto the bread and will gradually become absorbed. When needed, you can easily remove the greasy bread and dispose of it. You could use a slightly stale slice if you're worried about food waste. This trick not only minimizes the frequency of comprehensive air fryer cleaning but also eliminates the need for aluminum foil, which doesn't absorb grease as effectively as bread.

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Using Stale Bread To Soak Up Your Air Fryer's Grease

Bread going into air fryer interior
Bread going into air fryer interior - Saowalak S/Shutterstock

After preparing your favorite air fryer meals, such as perfectly tender turkey wings or crispy battered pickles, you'll likely find grease accumulating at the bottom of the device's basket. If you've been relying on aluminum foil, you may have observed that it captures grease but lacks the ability to absorb it, leading to potential spills when replaced. Using aluminum foil isn't the most eco-friendly approach either, so consider replacing that foil with a piece of bread to act as a grease-absorbing sponge. When it's time to refresh, simply discard the used bread and insert another piece. If stale bread isn't available, the often-neglected end piece of sliced bread can serve the same purpose.

This switch not only allows you to enjoy your favorite air fryer meals but also simplifies the cleanup process. While utilizing bread as a grease absorber is convenient, there are additional effective techniques you can employ for the swift cleaning and maintenance of your air fryer.

More Effective Air Fryer Cleaning Techniques

Rinsing air fryer basket in water
Rinsing air fryer basket in water - SalmySaznira/Shutterstock

While it will feel great knowing you can easily remove grease from your air fryer while keeping your green eco-friendly credentials intact, before you become green (with illness), you'll also need to regularly clean the entire basket. This can be time-consuming and may require gathering all kinds of cleaning supplies, taking things apart, scrubbing them down, and so on. However, there is a faster way to clean the inside of your air fryer. A viral trend has been making its way around social media, showing how you can easily fill the air fryer basket with soap and water to clean it.

Here's how you can do it: Unplug your air fryer, remove the basket, and fill it halfway with a mixture of dish soap and water. Reinsert the basket into the air fryer, plug it back in, and turn it on for three minutes using a frying setting. After completion, unplug the air fryer, pour out the soapy water, and repeat if necessary. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use a sponge to wash and clean both the basket and insert. But make sure you never use harsh abrasives or metal when cleaning your air fryer as they'll tear away at the nonstick ceramic inside the basket. Just stick with the tools and steps recommended. There you go, folks. This straightforward technique will allow you to easily maintain your air fryer between meal preparations.

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