Social media aficionado Kylie Jenner wants to protect daughter Stormi from media exposure

Kylie Jenner and Stormi
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Once Kylie Jenner had children, some fans may have noticed she doesn’t post as much to her social media accounts—and what she does post has a totally different aesthetic and brand than what it once was. Jenner spoke with The New York Times in a recent interview and said it’s her responsibility to protect her kids from social media.

“Since I was 9, people have been in my business,” she told the outlet.

During the interview her daughter, Stormi, kept busting into the room—as all 6 year olds do—and Jenner asked the reporter to not quote her daughter.

“We can’t do that to her,” Jenner said to the reporter. “She’s innocent. She comes in here, and she doesn’t know we’re doing an interview and then she has these quotes out in the open and she’s 6 years old. It’s my responsibility to protect her.”

While Jenner still shares photos of her family on social media and brings them to public events, everything she posts is “under her control,” she told The Times.

She is definitely seriously considering what and how she posts about them for sure. In fact, according to The Times article, information was recently published by the Kardashian Data Koalition, which is a group of technology and data professionals, that said found she’s cut down on posting about her children by 47% from 2022 to 2023, even though these posts tend to earn her more likes on average.

There’s a lot of speculation about the reasons behind this dip in posts on the graph posted on Instagram by the “Koalition.”

“I also wonder if it’s a response to her sisters. Either in a rebellious way or a taking heed way. Kourtney takes motherhood as her entire job and brand, Kim’s kids are all over socials, and Kim and Khloe have both had very public issues with the fathers of their children. We almost never hear anything about Kylie and Travis’ relationship or him as a father,” one person noted.

“I like how she shows her kids. Sometimes has their faces out of view, sometimes doesn’t. But she doesn’t completely hide them as if she did that, their faces would be seen as “valuable information” that photographers would grasp at the chance to get a pic of them out in public. Very mature decision,” said another.

Whatever the reason, it looks like Jenner is leaning into her responsible mama era and she’s doing a great job.