Sofia Richie Grainge Credits Her Love of Fashion to the Most Unexpected Person

Because style icons need inspiration, too.



While half of the TikTok-using population may credit Gen Z style icon Sofia Richie Grainge as the inspiration behind their daily fashion and beauty choices, the lifestyle influencer herself recently revealed that she has a rather unexpected muse of her own: Her father, Lionel Richie.

In a new interview with L’Officiel, Richie Grainge opened up about how watching her dad, a legendary singer and music producer, curate outfits for various events and performances throughout her childhood originally spurred her “clothing obsession.”



“My dad is truly the person who brought the clothing obsession into my life,” she told the publication. “He takes dressing very seriously, and he’s very thoughtful about everything he wears.”

It’s the very obsession that encouraged her to first start posting fashion content on TikTok just over a year ago, which quickly transformed from a fun hobby into a full-on business venture. “I truly try to stay true to myself and my brand, and I honestly use TikTok like I’m talking to my friends. I’m just having fun,” Sofia explained of the content she prefers to create. “I don’t want people to feel like I’m leading them to buy everything under the moon because I’m getting paid.”

Sofia’s interview comes just months after it was revealed that she’ll soon be releasing a fashion line titled SRG that’s set to feature an aesthetic that’s “100%” her.

“The aesthetic is very my vibe,” Richie Grainge told Who What Wear back in August. “I made sure, trying on every single sample, that it embodies the aesthetic that I've been wearing. It’s 100% me. I want whoever buys it to feel good in it. I hope that people connect with it. I hope people love it.”

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