'Have some respect': Sofia Vergara slammed for 'tone deaf' photos ahead of Hurricane Dorian

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Sofia Vergara. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)
Sofia Vergara. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Sofia Vergara is under fire after a “tone deaf” post to Instagram ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

As the hurricane continues to batter Bahamas and as millions brace for the storm to reach the United States, the “Modern Family” star was doing her best to make the most of her vacation.

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Last week, Vergara shared photos of herself and friends vacationing at her Caribbean vacation home “Casa Chipi Chipi” sporting swimwear and drinking with the caption “Esperando a Dorian” (waiting for Dorian).

“Sofia do you understand how many people lose their lives or lose their homes or their children and family [to] hurricanes?” a follower wrote. “I really don't think it's something to joke about especially before it hits. So not funny.”

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“Have some respect. Plenty of hard [working] folks trying to make it out of their homes safely prior to the hurricane coming ashore. Many already have tough lives. No need for your privileged and tone-deaf statements. Get a grip,” another said. “Used to be a fan up until today.”

In a separate post, Vergara shared an image of her friends leaving the island in a private jet ahead of the storm with the caption, “Bye bye Dorian.”

At press time, the Bahamian Prime Minister has confirmed at least five people have died from what’s being called “the strongest storm ever hit the Bahamas.” The storm was a Category 5 hurricane when it reached the Grand Bahama Island, with winds as strong as 225 km/hr.

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Florida, Georgia and South Carolina have already begun mandatory evacuation prior to the storm reaching the U.S.

“Must be nice,” one woman commented on Vergara’s photo. “Here I sit wondering if I will have to evacuate and will my pets be safe. Will I have electricity soon after the storm and will everything in my fridge have to be thrown away and [will] have to spend my money to replace. Very insensitive.”

Another added, “Wow, must be nice to flee a hurricane by private jet and let everyone else know about it who fears for their lives.”

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