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Sonic employee continues working despite water falling through the ceiling: ‘That would’ve been my last day’

Jacob Cazares (@jacobcazares) an employee at Sonic, had a less than ideal night on the job.

According to one of the videos from the night, Cazares had to close the store, open the next day and work a twelve-hour shift. He said he tried everything to solve the problem and used the hashtags #helpme, #sos and #broken.

The video that got the most traction of the night — over 1.8 million views — showed that he was all alone on the job while water was coming through the ceiling — yet he was still taking orders.

“I’m alone. These people are still ordering food,” he said in his post.

Many people were shocked to see his dedication to the job, as they claimed they weren’t so committed to the company.

“WHATTTTT that would’ve been my last day. i’m on indeed otw home too,” said @sourpowercely.

“I’m grabbing all my belongings and clocking out,” replied @iluvstokeleyy.

Seeing the terrible work conditions Cazares went through, others came forward with their horror stories from work.

“Why is it ALWAYS SONIC. worked there and this kid got fired for setting an entire stack of paper bags on the grill bc it caught fire,” said @saraheli413.

“i work in a restaurant and we still served food during a power outage. IN A PITCH BLACK KITCHEN,” said @t.j._3.

In The Know reached out to Sonic for comment, but didn’t receive a response. The original videos have also been deleted.

People asked why Cazares would stay while the working conditions were like that, and his response was simple — money.

“My paycheck better be phatttt,” he said in one of his posts about the night.

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