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Sony's PS5 update with Discord voice chat begins rolling out to all

It also adds Variable Refresh Rate support for 1440p displays.

Wachiwit via Getty Images

The PlayStation 5 update that comes with support for Discord voice chats on the console has now made its way out of beta and to all PS5 gamers. Those who've already installed System Update 7.0 can now activate Discord calls on their console, so long as they don't mind setting it up. They'd have to link their PlayStation Network account to Discord to start with, and then they'd have to select Discord under "Linked Services" before completing the integration through either a QR code or the PS5 browser. Every time they want to chat with their friends, they'd have to use a mobile device or a PC to transfer a call to the PS5 first.

The process is a bit involved, but Microsoft made it possible to join Discord calls directly from the Xbox in November last year. We're hoping Sony can do the same in the future. As The Verge notes, the PS5's Discord integration doesn't include text messages and streams just yet, so you won't be able to access those on the console.

In addition, the latest update adds Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support for HDMI 2.1 displays with 1440p resolution. That translates to less stuttering and input lags for games that support VRR, since the feature enables a display to match the PS5's current frame rate output. Players will also encounter a new notification when they download or install a PS4 game on the PS5, telling them that they have saved data in their PSN cloud storage. All they have to do to download that data is to select the notification.

The update brings improvements to the console's screen reader, as well, giving it the capability to tell users which direction they can move and what their current position is. Players can now also update their controller's software wirelessly, and for people in the US and the UK, saving a video clip of their game is as easy as issuing a voice command. They can simply say: "Hey PlayStation, capture that!"

Sony just released the beta version of this update in February. PS5 owners now just have to wait for it to hit their consoles or check out the PlayStation support page for the latest system software update for the PS5 for more info.