Sophie Turner Has ‘Become Progressively Closer’ to Peregrine Pearson Post-Joe Jonas Split

This week, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner was seen kissing Peregrine “Perry” Pearson in public for the second time since October. When they were first spotted in Paris a few months ago, Turner was recently split from Joe Jonas, and things between her and Pearson were apparently casual. But a source speaking with US Weekly says that the connection has been getting more serious.

“Sophie has been casually dating a few people since her split from Joe,” said the insider, who added that right now Turner “really seems to like spending time with Perry.”

The pair have “become progressively closer” these last few weeks.

“Things are still fairly new,” the source added. “But she’s really happy with how things are moving along.”

While it’s “too soon to tell if there’s long term potential” it looks like “things might be headed that way.”

Turner has been publicly separated from Jonas since September, and the former couple are working out the terms of their divorce. It began with a custody battle over their daughters Willa and Delphine, with Turner claiming in a lawsuit that Jonas was preventing her from bringing the children to England. They eventually reached a temporary custody agreement.

When Turner was first seen with Pearson, another source told US Weekly, “She isn’t fully committed to anybody at the moment, but she’s definitely putting herself out there and keeping her options open.”

They explained that the two “are not serious at all.”

The source continued, “There are a few men she’s shown interest in but [Sophie] isn’t jumping into anything or settling down.”

As for Jonas, he was allegedly not “concerned” about Turner dating and that romance was “not on his radar.”

“He’s focusing his energy on his music and his family. Joe is doing great and he had an amazing time celebrating Halloween with his daughters,” a third insider said. “He has a lot on his plate between his career and his girls, so he doesn’t even have time to date.”

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