Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Ella Halikas recreates Kim Kardashian's vintage swim look 'on a curvier body type'

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Ella Halikas is back at it again with an "iconic" outfit recreation.

The Los Angeles-based model took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her take on Kim Kardashian's recent old Hollywood-inspired SKIMS swimwear campaign.

The glam side-by-side photos showed Halikas next to Kardashian, both wearing metallic swimsuits with stomach barring cutouts, hair teased to the high heavens and a sultry blue eyeshadow look, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

"When I saw this vintage Hollywood shoot for kim's @skims line go live, i knew immediately i needed to recreate it on a curvier body type. Someone as iconic as kim kardashian who has so much power over the beauty standards, i wanted to show you that you can look just as ICONIC wearing the same thing in a bigger body," she wrote.

The '70s-inspired metallic swimwear collection inspired Halikas to show that bodies of all sizes can encapsulate the magic of vintage Hollywood style despite the lack of body diversity in media during the time.

"When we think about old Hollywood and the stars then, they were always super thin. that's what was 'in' and deemed beautiful back in the day. so when i saw this shoot, i thought about how important it was to showcase the same vintage Hollywood glam, but as a size 14 instead," she wrote.

The look was a major hit, with commenters sharing their love for the remixed shoot.

"Always an icon," wrote one follower.

"Jaw is on the floor," shared another.

Beyond an aesthetically exceptional photoshoot, Halikas hopes her photos can shift the narrative of what is considered ideal in both the modeling industry and day-to-day life.

"I want to change the narrative around beauty and society's bulls*** standards. I want to change the perspective of what people think they can or cannot pull off because of their body type. The coolest thing is that we are all beautiful in our own way. We are all so unique and that's what should be celebrated, not whether or not we fit into the "beauty standards"!!! YOU CAN ROCK THESE SUITS TOO HUNNAYYY," she wrote.

Halikas rounded out her caption with a call to action to Kardashian to address what Halikas views as a lack of body diversity among SKIMS models for the campaign.

"& @kimkardashian i noticed there weren't many curve or plus size models in this campaign, so let me know if you want to book me for the next one," she wrote. "I'M READYYY."

This is not the first time Halikas has recreated an iconic look in efforts to shift societal standards of beauty as it pertains to size. In late April, she recreated Julia Fox's white tank top and matching mini skirt outfit on Instagram.

She also put her own spin on Fox's head-turning bra and panty ensemble that she wore while grocery shopping in May.

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