There’s a New Sprite Flavor Coming Soon—And Fans Are Calling It a 'Need'

“This is a must-try!”

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Coca-Cola has been stirring up all sorts of soda innovation over the past year, from the K-Wave Zero Sugar to the limited-edition Tears – Drops of Joy to a new permanent addition to the roster, Raspberry Spiced.

All the while, Sprite has been pretty quiet on the scene. That is, until now.

Sprite just launched a new limited-time soda to awaken our hibernating taste buds—and it promises to be the coolest soda flavor yet.

Sprite’s New Chill Cherry Lime Flavor

Sprite Chill Cherry Lime has officially entered the chat. The zesty new flavor combines the crisp, sharp fizz of Sprite with a sweet cherry and tart lime punch for an extra-refreshing spring soda.

The new flavor innovation debuted at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show in the Fall of 2023, and the response has already been overwhelmingly positive.

“Cherry lime Sprite sounds amazing,” said one Instagram user. “This is a must-try!” added another.

Cherry and lime are two flavors that naturally complement each other, so it’s no surprise they make for an easy-to-drink beverage. Fans have compared the new flavor to a pre-mixed Shirley Temple or the Cherry Limeade soda Sonic is famous for.

"Cherry limeade is like my fav drink,” a commenter shared. “If it's anything like that, it'll be a great flavor.”

Now, we’re not entirely sure what the “Chill” labeling indicates, whether the drink will have the same cooling sensation as, let's say, eating a peppermint patty or Andes mint, or if it’s just a clever nickname for the Cherry + Lime product.

But, according to the website, Coca-Cola is dubbing the drink "the coldest-est lemon-lime flavored soda in the game,” so we have reason to believe this soda will, in fact, taste “chill.” If that’s the case, “Chill” might be a new segment of the brand entirely, in which case, we can likely expect to see more chilly sodas coming out of Sprite soon.

“This is what summer needed,” said one fan—and we couldn't agree more.

The Chill Cherry Lime flavor comes in both classic and sugar-free varieties. Both are available in select stores now but should roll out to all major retailers by the end of the month. And, keep in mind, Sprite Chill is a limited-edition product, so don’t wait to try it out!

Nothing will ever replace the classic lemon-lime taste of Sprite, but this crisp new flavor sounds like the perfect cure for our spring soda cravings. One thing is for sure, in the world of Coca-Cola products, we will always be spoilt for choice.

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