Amazon shoppers call these $30 crampons an 'absolute lifesaver' for winter walks

woman in orange jacket hiking up a hill in deep snow in forest
Amazon shoppers call these best-selling stainless steel crampons an "absolute lifesaver." (Photo via Getty) (Getty)

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If there's one thing Canadians excel at, it's adapting to winter weather conditions. Even during the iciest, snowiest days, you can always count on outdoor enthusiasts to make their way to the trails.

However, those gearing up for a mid-winter hike are rarely without help; and by help, we mean crampons.

What are crampons?

Crampons are removable traction devices that attach to your footwear and help improve mobility while walking on ice and snow.

Winter hikers and climbers often use crampons to gain stability while out in rough terrain. Having said that, you don't need to be into extreme sports to benefit from crampons. Whether for walking the dog, heading out for a day of ice fishing, or keeping in your vehicle's emergency kit, crampons are a dependable and safe winter investment.

Which crampons are best for you? If hiking and mountaineering are your winter activities of choice, Amazon shoppers love these stainless steel and silicone crampons from EnergeticSky.

EnergeticSky Silicone & Stainless Steel Crampons

EnergeticSky Silicone & Stainless Steel Crampons on brown boots (Photo via Amazon)
EnergeticSky Silicone & Stainless Steel Crampons (Photo via Amazon) (Amazon)

from $30 $36 at Amazon

The details

These stainless steel and silicone crampons are a godsend for Canadian winters. Designed for harsh weather conditions, the crampons help prevent slips and falls while providing maximum traction on ice and snow.

The crampons are designed using stainless steel spikes chained to high-quality silicone. The flexible silicone provides a full-coverage fit so your feet won't slip out while walking.

A handy, stress-free accessory for hiking, ice fishing, or climbing trips, the crampons are suitable for both men's and women's footwear sizing, with options ranging from 5-14.5 for women's sizes and 6-14 for men's sizes.

What people are saying

With more than 1,600 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars behind them, the crampons have become a go-to winter buy for Amazon shoppers.

They're an "absolute lifesaver — highly recommended!" raves one reviewer.

"[They] have traversed" mud, ice, snow and rocks, and they "conquer [them] all!" says another review, who noted that the spikes "cut through snow" and "even dig into the ice," so you never slip, "which is a lifesaver" during high elevation and icy terrain.

"They are worth every penny," echos another shopper. "They stay put on my boots" and are very light. After two months of heavy use on icy forestry roads, there's "zero damage" to the chain and straps.

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After "two winters of use," they still hold up perfectly, writes one reviewer. "I hike three days a week" in varied terrain, and the crampons are still in "great shape." They are a "verified good purchase" in my books.

While hundreds of reviewers say the crampons are great for winter conditions, some stress that they should only be used on natural terrain, not concrete sidewalks or driveways.

On hard pavement, "they are not comfortable," writes one shopper. If you need "slip and fall protection" while taking out the garbage or walking on the sidewalk, "these are not for you."

According to another reviewer, one should only use them when "there is enough ice and snow."

The verdict

An Amazon best-seller among Mountaineering & Ice Climbing Crampons, reviewers call these silicone and stainless steel crampons an "absolute lifesaver" and say they hold up during icy, snowy conditions. However, before you head to checkout, some users say the crampons are not designed for urban terrains, something to keep in mind if you are not an avid hiker.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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