Stanley's New 'Sunshine Vibes' Collection Will Unleash Chaos At Target

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Stanley & Target To Release Summery New CollectionTarget

Just when we were able to catch our breaths after the pandemonium caused by Stanley and Target's limited-edition Valentine's Day Quencher release, the store has announced yet another collab with Stanley. And from the looks of it, this latest drop could be even more insane.

Titled the Sunshine Vibes collection, the newest batch of drinkware from Stanley is brimming with vibrant, bold colors and all the summertime feels. This time around, we're getting more than just Quenchers—although the collection certainly has plenty of those.

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For the Stanley fan who wants something a bit different than the fan-favorite 40 oz. Quencher, the new collection will also feature the IceFlow Flip Straw Tumblers. The tumblers will reportedly be available in poppy, aquamarine, marigold, and cobalt (with the tumblers' lids boasting a contrasting color). Once they're released, you can snatch up a 20 oz. tumbler for $30 or the 30 oz. one for $35.

The Sunshine Vibes collection Quenchers, which are $45, will be available in equally vivid colors, including amethyst, sunshine, aquamarine, and the picnic-friendly summer plaid.

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Rounding out the colorful collection is Stanley's All Day Slim Bottle, which will be sold in colorways similar to the Quencher and IceFlow Flip Straw Tumblers.

The Sunshine Vibes collection will be available in Target stores on March 24 and online on March 27. Keep in mind that the last time Target released a collection with Stanley, the store saw Black Friday-levels of mayhem.

So if you're planning to buy one on March 24, brace yourself.

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