Starbucks' Cherry Red Stanley Cups Are Already Almost Out Of Stock

Five Starbucks x Stanley red holiday tumblers
Five Starbucks x Stanley red holiday tumblers - kracken_deals/Instagram

Starbucks is always a hotbed for branded merchandise, and if you combine that with a limited-edition cup from one of the internet's other favorite companies, Stanley, well you've got a gold rush on your hands. The coffee chain hasn't officially announced its latest collaboration with the iconic tumbler producer, but a new cherry-red Starbucks + Stanley cup made its way into stores on November 2, 2023, alongside Starbucks' holiday 2023 lineup, and, according to Parade, fans are already in a furious race to get their hands on one.

The coveted mug (pictured) is a metallic red version of Stanley's classic 40-ounce double-walled stainless steel "Quencher" style tumbler and is retailing at Starbucks locations for $49.95. Just one day after its release, many stores have completely sold out, and the cup has already appeared on online resellers at much higher prices. Social media sites like TikTok and Reddit have lit up with stories of people searching for the red cups with some commenters on videos claiming that they got up at four or five in the morning just to grab one.

Most locations reportedly only received around four cups each, and many people got to their local Starbucks early, only to find that they were already sold out. A Starbucks representative told Insider that "The Starbucks x Stanley Quencher is a limited supply item, so some stores may have already sold out," but added that it may be restocked at a few locations in the future. Supply hasn't been a problem on eBay or Mercari, however, where you can find quite a few pristine mugs available for resale at prices above $150.

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Starbucks And Stanley Produce Sought-After Merch

Line of coloreful Stanley tumblers
Line of coloreful Stanley tumblers - Stanley/Facebook

Both Starbucks and Stanley have extremely dedicated fanbases, and the extra love for holiday-themed items means that the furor over this cup shouldn't be too surprising. The two brands had previously collaborated on a mug earlier this year when they released a peach-colored Starbucks x Stanley tumbler in May of 2023 that was just as sought-after. The cup sold out in minutes and became a sensation online, with videos reviewing the tumbler racking up millions of views and resold cups going for more than $200.

That kind of response has clearly upped the anticipation for the holiday cups, and some shoppers who sought them out have even accused store employees of taking advantage of the demand and buying the cups to resell themselves. While Starbucks has long been a beloved brand among collectors, Stanley has only recently joined the world of trendy collectables. The 110-year-old company was known primarily as an outdoor supplier and nearly discontinued the Quencher in 2019.

But online influencers, drawn to its functionality and pleasing array of colors, helped drive a resurgence of the brand over the last few years. New Stanley releases now regularly sell out, and the company has not only partnered with Starbucks, but also brands like Olay and Target. Given the response to its first two collaborations with Starbucks, it's safe to say that Stanley's popularity isn't waning anytime soon, and fans should be on the lookout for more surprise releases at the coffee shop in the future.

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