The Starbucks Valentine's Day Collection of Drinks and Cups Is Now Complete

Valentine's Day 2024: Starbucks has now unveiled its full collection in honor of Feb. 14, complete with limited edition drinks and tumblers. Credit - Starbucks (3); Getty Images (1)

Valentine’s Day menus are hotly-anticipated each year, with customers welcoming the chance to indulge in themed offerings. Ahead of Feb. 14, Starbucks has revealed its own Valentine’s Day menu, which features two new beverages for customers to enjoy.

As of this week, Starbucks fans across the U.S. can enjoy the chocolate-covered strawberry creme frappuccino—a mix of milk, strawberry puree, and java chips topped with whipped cream—and the chocolate hazelnut cookie cold brew—featuring hazelnut syrup, chocolate cream cold foam, and a cookie crumble on top.

Valentine’s Day drinkware is also on offer at the coffee chain—a variety of cups and mugs covered in hearts and flowers, with some tumblers serving as Stanley cup alternatives. Merchandise pricing starts at $16.95.

Earlier this year, Starbucks released a limited-edition collaboration with Stanley, which caused a frenzy at Target stores. Stanley cups have become a viral craze, although recently users have voiced concern over the tumblers containing lead.

Elsewhere, Starbucks has been in headlines due to ongoing labor violations and tension with their union, Starbucks Workers United, who went on strike last November to fight for better wages and benefits.

Disagreements between workers and corporate leaders have reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which agreed to hear Starbucks’ appeal of a case that would force the coffee chain to reinstate seven employees who were previously laid off.

The workers were terminated after they publicly shared a letter addressed to Starbucks CEO and discussed union plans in an on-air media interview. Starbucks says they fired workers because they unlocked a door to the closed store to allow journalists in.

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