Start your very own fairytale inside this castle for sale in Wyoming. Check it out

Turns out you don’t have to travel very far to start a real-life fairytale — you just need to head to Wyoming.

And have $14 million, of course.

It’s known as the Bedford Castle, a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom wonderland with unexpected features spread out around its 9,470 square feet. Sitting on 40 acres, the residence is aesthetically pleasing with its surrounding mountains and lush green trees.

“The castle’s exterior is a masterpiece of architectural splendor, boasting resplendent pillars and a breathtaking copper roof that commands attention and admiration,” the listing on Compass says.

“Crossing the threshold reveals an interior of unparalleled luxury, featuring stone floors sourced from Israel, Turkey, and China, radiant in-floor heating, and a total of six meticulously crafted fireplaces that serve as focal points throughout the home.”

Other features include:

  • Natural light

  • Stone balconies

  • Vault room

  • Greenhouse

  • Game room

  • Gym

It also has some surprises in store.

“Beneath the surface lies an underground tunnel system, accessible via secret hidden holes, providing a sense of mystery and adventure,” the listing says.

The listing is held by Patty Speakman.

Bedford is about a 60-mile drive south of Jackson.

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