Steve Jobs' turtlenecks are flying off shelves

Jennifer Goldberg, Shine staff
Shine from Yahoo! Canada

Steve Jobs wasn’t exactly known for his fashion sense, but his uniform of turtlenecks, jeans and sneakers was certainly iconic. Now it looks like we can add style guru to the late Apple founder’s legacy. St. Croix, the company that makes Jobs’ infamous mock turtleneck sweaters, says it’s seen an increase in sales since his death on Wednesday. Time's NewsFeed blog reports that a rep from St.Croix told TMZ that the brand saw “an almost 100 percent increase in sales” on Thursday.

While the renowned black turtlenecks Jobs wore to Apple keynote addresses weren’t much to look at, the Minneapolis St. Paul’s Business Journal reports that he bought about two dozen of the microfiber and cotton sweaters and wore them almost every day. Maybe they inspired the iPhone’s minimalist design?

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Time speculates (perhaps jokingly) that people are snapping up the turtlenecks and maybe Jobs’ Levi’s jeans and New Balance 991 sneakers as well, as early planning for Halloween costumes. There’s no doubt we’ll see some of those walking around on October 31 (whether it’s in good taste or not, is another discussion entirely). But those things are pretty pricey at $175 a pop on the St. Croix website. It’s more likely that die-hard Apple fans just want to look a little bit like someone who inspired them. Just look at how John Lennon’s round glasses went from weird-looking accessory to a style mainstay. Or maybe the secret to success really is a black turtleneck sweater. In that case, we’d better rethink out work wardrobes.

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