How To Store Chocolate-Covered Strawberries For A Perfect Valentine's Day Treat

A heart-shaped box of chocolate-covered strawberries
A heart-shaped box of chocolate-covered strawberries - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

No sweet treat seems to say Valentine's Day quite like a batch of chocolate-covered strawberries. These sweet, heart-shaped fruits come dipped in a velvety dollop of warm chocolate, both of which happen to be well-known aphrodisiacs, so the combination just makes sense. Plus, that perfect union of the rich chocolate and tart strawberry just tastes so delicious that it's hard to resist.

For all of those romantics planning to splurge on a box of these delicacies for your Valentine -- or even planning to keep them all to yourself -- it's important to know how to store these finicky treats before buying. While chocolate-covered strawberries are delicious, they don't hold for long before becoming a melted, sweaty mess. That process is normal, but it isn't usually pretty. Luckily, we know just how to keep these treats looking fresh so that you don't have to worry about the possibility of Cupid taking back his arrow.

For a perfect Valentine's Day treat, keeping condensation at bay is key. Strawberries and chocolate both produce a lot of moisture on their own, so keeping them in a humid environment like the fridge is just asking for trouble. Instead, you should keep these decadent berries out in a cool, dry place, such as out on your kitchen counter, and eat them the same day that they're made to prevent spoilage.

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If You Want These Treats To Really Last, Store Them This Way Instead

Chocolate covered strawberries on baking trays
Chocolate covered strawberries on baking trays - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

To ensure that your berries stay looking perfect, we recommend placing these treats in an air-tight container and blanketing them in a layer of plastic wrap before storing them on your countertop. This should keep your berries fresh for one to two days. If you're someone who's hoping to keep these treats for longer than 24 hours, however, this method might not be for you.

While chocolate-covered strawberries are pretty irresistible, it might not be realistic to expect everyone to eat an entire plate of these in one day. To each their own, but if you're hoping to keep those treats on hand for a few days, the fridge can be your friend. The fridge is not our first choice for chocolate-covered strawberry storage, but those who want to keep these treats good for the weekend can utilize it.

To store your berries this way, place your treats on a baking sheet tray covered in wax paper. Space them apart so that they have room to breathe, then wrap them tightly in plastic wrap to prevent excess condensation from spreading. Now, stick the berries in the fridge and they will last for about two to three days and maybe even longer, if you're lucky. Your berries will still inevitably sweat at some point, but they will stay fresh for much longer than those stored using other techniques.

How To Tell When These Sweet Treats Have Turned Sour

A chocolate covered strawberry on a fork
A chocolate covered strawberry on a fork - Edfuentesg/Getty Images

Whether homemade or store-bought, these simple storage methods should keep your berries fresh for a few days. Still, every batch is different, so it's impossible to put an exact expiration date on chocolate-covered strawberries. To prevent yourself from eating a bad berry, try to eat these treats within a few days of making them and look out for signs of spoilage. You'll know that your batch of berries has turned bad when the top appears mushy and it easily falls apart when you touch it. Chocolate casings that easily crumble at the touch are another tell-tale sign.

If you want more time with your treats, it's best to consider just making a new batch. Chocolate-covered strawberries will not keep in the freezer at all, as they'll become mushy once they thaw, so stick to these other storage methods and just enjoy these little treats while you can. On the big day, don't forget the perfect Valentine's Day dinner to pair with this dessert, and happy Valentine's Day from all of us at The Daily Meal!

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