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Stubborn toilet stains? This popular pumice stone scrubber — down to $11 — will 'bowl' you over

Rust, hard water and mineral deposits are no match for the Powerstone Pumice Stone.

Want to feel productive? Cleaning your house is a great way to feel a quick sense of accomplishment, even if your to-do list is a mile long. And let's be honest: When was the last time you gave your toilet the love it deserves? No time like the present, since the frigid temps are keeping many of us cooped up indoors anyway. If dealing with stubborn stains makes you dread scrubbing your bowl, it might be time to swap that dingy toilet brush for something a bit more effective: This top-selling Powerstone Pumice Stone. It gently busts away coated-on crud like nobody's business, and you can get it for just $11.

It's gritty enough to scrape away stains, but it's not so abrasive that it'll scratch your toilet.

Save $4 with coupon
$11 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

This cleaning tool is currently just about as cheap as it gets (it has dipped about a dollar lower here and there), and the fact that it actually works — with thousands of five-star ratings to back it up — makes it entirely worth it. Be sure to apply the on-page coupon for the lowest price.

Why do I need this?

Scrubbing your toilet with a sponge means having to stick your glove-covered hand into the bowl, which many of us would rather not do. Conversely, toilet brushes often aren't strong enough to get rid of really caked-on stains, not to mention the fact that they can be hard to clean — and you certainly don't want a dirty toilet brush hanging out in the corner of your bathroom.

The Powerstone Pumice Stone offers the best of both worlds: It's gritty enough to scrape away mildew, rust, hard water and mineral residue, along with any other unsightly stains, but it's not so abrasive that it'll scratch your toilet. Plus, it has a handle to keep your hands away from the icky stuff. I actually used one on my hard water–stained toilet as a last attempt when nothing else worked — and to my astonishment, it did the trick. (I'll spare you the before and after photos, but you can check out this reviewer's results if you think you can stomach it.)

Once you're done cleaning, just stick the pumice stone back inside its storage case so you can keep using it. And it's not just for toilets, either. You can use it on sinks, tiles, tubs — all without relying on chemicals.

a toilet and the Powerstone pumice stone scrubber
This pumice stone might look unassuming, but its results are dazzling. (Canva/Powerstone Pumice)

What reviewers say

Some 17,600-plus Amazon customers are impressed with the Powerstone Pumice Stone.

"I’ve been searching everywhere for a handled pumice stone to clean the hard-water ring from my toilets’ bowls," shared one happy shopper. "I have three bathrooms, and this pumice stone is a godsend! No more abrasive stone against my hand while cleaning. The handle is sturdy and well-attached. The pumice is effective but porous enough not to scratch the porcelain. I’m going to order two more — one for each bathroom — and I will buy again as needed."

"Finally found something that works," raved another satisfied user. "I have hard water in my house, and it’s very difficult to get the rust stains out of the toilet. I had to clean it several times a week to try to make it look halfway decent. This product took the stains away, and my toilet looks brand new again. I highly recommend it. It did not leave any scratches. It was beyond what I anticipated."

"I’m a skeptic, so reading all the positive reviews made me wonder if there was a promotion involved," admitted a convert. "I used the pumice stone on my toilet today, and it got rid of all sorts of gross staining that I haven’t been able to get rid of with toilet bowl cleaner, a Clorox wand or bleach. My only complaint is that the handle is hard plastic and a little difficult to hold, but it’s totally worth the slightly awkward hand thing."

If you buy a two-pack, it's an even better deal.

Save $4 with coupon
$15 at Amazon

And to keep your toilet looking and smelling fresh between cleanings, here's another nifty find:

Just stamp a gel disc onto the side of your bowl and it'll freshen up your toilet with every flush for up to 12 days. This No. 1 bestseller comes in scents like citrus and lavender, and it will keep you from having to scrub as often.

$5 at Amazon

"I LOVE these things. Especially since we have four toilets and I'm the 'Latrine Queen,'" shared a fan. "These keep the waterline ring from forming, and they smell really nice when you flush, no matter what you just deposited in the toilet. This is a clever, easy way to keep your toilets clean and actually pleasant, and really extends the time between deep cleanings ... which means I don't have to be on my knees to clean the toilets as often. That's a wonderful thing."

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