Morgan Rielly tight-lipped on Tessa Virtue wedding details — but they're 'extremely happy'

"This is a great time in our lives, so we're just having fun with it."

Love is in the air for Morgan Rielly and Tessa Virtue.

Toronto Maple Leafs defensemen Morgan Rielly recently opened up to Narcity about his relationship with Canadian ice dancing gold medalist Tessa Virtue — and subtly hinted at their wedding plans.

While remaining tight-lipped about their specific wedding details, Rielly shared that the pair are currently in wedding planning-mode. Rielly said he and Virtue are "extremely happy," and "definitely have a plan" for their upcoming nuptials.

"I don't know how much I want to divulge, but we're extremely happy, we're really looking forward to it. We're in a great place," he said. "This is a great time in our lives, so we're just having fun with it."

After being asked who would win in a skating race between him and Virtue, Reilly admitted that his fiancée "would definitely win."

"We've been on the ice a couple of times together, and she takes me to school pretty good," he said. "So I've got some work to do to catch up."

But maybe, you know, since she's retired, she's not on the ice as often, maybe I'll catch up to her at some point."

The couple, who have captured the hearts of many with their achievements in their respective sports, have managed to keep their relationship relatively private. However, their engagement announcement earlier this year delighted fans and garnered praise on social media.

Virtue confirmed the engagement during an interview on the "Without Losing Your Cool" podcast in January.

"Tessa's engaged to Morgan! I love that," said the show's host, Shantelle Bisson.

In the episode, Virtue also opened up about how she met Rielly and how her relationship with the Toronto Maple Leafs player has helped her personal growth.

"I was very guarded for a long time, and I wouldn't give out my phone number, I wouldn't open up — I was very insular," she said. "I feel much more open now, and maybe that's just getting comfortable with who I am and what I want, and also, being a good judge of character helps."

In a separate interview with Sports Illustrated, Rielly also expressed his gratitude for Virtue after being asked about their engagement.

"I feel very fortunate," he shared.

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