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Nail polish

Possibly one of the easiest products to spoil, nail polish requires strict adherence to its suggested storing methods. With an earlier expiry rate than other household items, nail polish will eventually begin to separate and fade with the texture becoming a less-than-desirable goop regardless of its storage.
You can prolong your nail polish lifespan by storing them away from direct heat and sunlight. Keep your polishes in an old makeup bag and place it under your bathroom sink, this will keep UV rays and moisture away from your products.

How the sun is damaging your beauty products

Vitamin D is often thought of as a natural source of energy and happiness, with most people even taking a supplement if they feel they aren’t exposed to the sun often enough. While the sun’s happy effects can brighten our moods and even cause an entire continent to take time out of their day to look up, what is this burning ball of fire doing to our favourite beauty products and treatments?

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