'Superstore' actress Lauren Ash says people told her she's 'no longer a role model' because she lost weight

Lauren Ash is done with unsolicited comments about her body.

The Superstore actress took to Instagram on Monday to share a message for those who feel the need to comment on her recent weight loss.

"You know what's fun? When you're living in a larger body, people post that they're concerned for your health. Then, when you transition into a smaller body, people post that they're concerned for your health. Starting to feel like there's no winning as a woman. (Big shocker given this past week in America.)," she said, referencing the recently leaked draft of the Supreme Court's abortion ruling.

She went on to address the people who have criticized her for her weight loss even though she has not used her platform to promote weight loss.

"To the people who have DMed me this week telling me I'm no longer a role model because I lost weight, I guess my question is, why was my body the only thing that gave me value as a role model? I've never once promoted weight loss, nor would I ever. I just happen to be in a body that's smaller right now than it was a year ago. And god willing, if I'm privileged enough to walk this earth for a long life, my body will expand and contract and change many times over," she said.

While Ash doesn't regret her weight loss, she wants it to be clear that she will not be giving out weight loss tips or advice.

"And to the COUNTLESS people asking me my 'secret,' please stop. There is no secret. I removed stress from my life. That's it. It's amazing what our bodies hold onto when in a prolonged state of stress."

Ash, who has often posted photos championing her body, plans to keep on showing the self-love she has always displayed.

Commenters showed their support for the actress.

"Every one shut up, an Icon is giving lessons for free," said one Instagram user.

"You are a role model for taking care of YOU & your own happiness first!" added another. "We all need to do more of that."

Post weight-loss backlash is something many body-positive celebrities face — Rebel Wilson, most recently — with fans often feeling "betrayed" by the sudden changes, and some worrying that it could set a precedent for other "body positive" stars to lose weight once they obtain a certain level of success.

"I pray Lizzo doesn’t jump on the whole 'getting skinny after fame' trend," expressed a recent tweet. "We lost Adele, Rebel Wilson, Meghan Trainer, and Melissa McCarthy."

Body-positive influencer Virgie Tovar told Yahoo Life in an earlier story on the subject that these feelings of hurt and anger can stem from fans feeling that the celebrity used their proximity to the body-positive community to become successful and then abandoned it once they reached superstardom.

As for Ash, she concluded her post with this: "Finally, let me just say this: I have always posted photos celebrating my body. I'm not going to stop now. I'm more confident and happier than ever before in my life and I enjoy commemorating that with fashion posts and all that fun stuff. If you don't like it, and it's upsetting to you, please unfollow and no need to inform me that you did. I honestly never expected the vitriol I've experienced over the past week simply because I've lost weight. You have no ownership over my body. Nor do you over any person in the public eye. And honestly? Would you ever tell a man he was no longer a role model because he lost weight? Exactly. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Also, I look hot AF in this pic and am unashamed."

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