‘Sweet’ dog came to Florida rescue in rough shape. Then came ‘amazing transformation’

A “sweet” dog was found in rough shape — then came an “amazing transformation.”

Tommy’s luck took a turn as he was adopted into a home, where he now spends time snuggling and playing catch with his human brothers, the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida wrote April 22 on Facebook.

“He has completed our little family and we are so happy to give him all the love he deserves,” the rescue said in part of the post written from his new owners’ perspective.

Tommy got a second chance after a rough start to life. In a previous post about a dog with the same name, the rescue wrote that he was found as a stray, “emaciated, covered in urine, has multiple sores, and is in desperate need of a haircut.”

“He was a perfect gentleman as we washed, blow dried, and cut his hair,” the animal organization wrote in March. “He looks like a brand new boy, just needs to get fattened up!”

And now, his family reports that he’s been gaining weight as he adjusts to his new home.

“This sweet little guy came to us from a shelter emaciated and filthy, so we are especially delighted to see this amazing transformation,” the rescue wrote.

Tommy also has another change in his life.

“What a sweet, loving, cuddly, funny and playful little doggie we inherited,” the family wrote. “We actually gave him a new name: Coda! We are a musical little family and felt it suited him a little better.”

The Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida didn’t immediately share additional details with McClatchy News on April 23. The rescue is based in Bonita Springs, a roughly 25-mile drive south from Fort Myers.

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