Swifties Are Going All Out With Taylor-Inspired Super Bowl Parties

taylor swift super bowl parties
Swifties Are Sharing Their Super Bowl Party IdeasDavid Eulitt/Getty Images

With just a few days until the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl, it's officially time to start making those party plans. No matter who wins, the biggest story of the day will be Taylor Swift showing up in Las Vegas to cheer on her boo Travis Kelce. Thankfully, if you're a Swiftie or just happen to be in your Super Bowl era, there's no shortage of clever Taylor Swift-inspired Super Bowl party ideas on social media. From decor inspiration to pun-filled menu options, the Swifties have got you covered.

In one particular video, which has gone on to receive 21 million views on X, two Taylor fans shared their party picks for Swiftie Bowl. They incorporated a fun, red shimmer backdrop complete with glowing "it's a love story" sign. And it wouldn't be a Taylor party without giant friendship bracelet garlands (handmade, of course!).

For food and drink, they incorporated a charcuterie made with Travis Kelce's number, 87, and Dirty Shirley cocktails garnished with red glitter.

While most fans applauded the colorful setup, some expressed their concern over the lack of game day food. Others were taken aback by the idea of glitter floating around in their cocktail.

"If that's the entire spread... nah I'm passing. They gotta up their food game," said one user.

"I ain’t eating no glitter, dawg," another added.

TikTok is also filled with plenty of sparkly Swiftie Bowl party inspiration. In fact, one fan encouraged fellow Swifties to "glitter your footballs."

Reddit is also loaded with Taylor-inspired party inspo. For food lovers, there's a Reddit thread that encourages people to share food puns/recipe ideas for a Super Bowl party inspired by the singer.

The thread includes suggestions for "This is why we can’t have nice wings" and "Veggies & seemingly ranch."

Have the Swifties inspired you to host a Taylor-themed party, or do you plan on sticking with the classic Super Party spread?

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