This swimsuit revelation is changing the way woman think about their bodies

Kate Upton in <i>Sports Illustrated</i>
Kate Upton in Sports Illustrated

Photoshop, filters and flattering angles — when it comes to photos featuring bathing suits, we all assume technology is on the model’s side.

Whether we use a filter when we post, or take 20 photos to determine the best angle, we’re all guilty of at least one of the above before posting that bikini photo to social media. For professional models, we attribute their flawless bodies to a talented Photoshop pro (or just a gravity-defying body), but what if that wasn’t the only thing making them look so good?

One Twitter user is busting the myth of the perfectly pert females featured in swimsuit photoshoots.

“You never forget where you were when you learned the swimsuit models are wearing bras they airbrush out of the pictures,” posted writer Nicole Cliffe.

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The big secret? Most swimwear models are sporting a bra in their photos that is later removed in Photoshop. The writer’s tweet has since gone viral, with more than 1,900 retweets and 5,000 likes. She continues to blow Twitter’s mind, reminding her female readers that maybe it’s not your body’s fault you don’t look like the model, but rather the suit itself.

If anything, the response to her initial tweet proves this little known fact should have been public knowledge years ago. Some women have even replied to Cliffe admitting they have hated their bodies since puberty for this fact alone.

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“Teach your children well. I would have appreciated this information when I was 14,” she wrote.

Among the 400 replies, Cliffe has received a plethora of tweets from women admitting they had never considered the models were wearing bras.

Despite this information being widely unknown, it doesn’t come as a surprise for most given the media’s dedication to altering the female form and setting impossible precedents for feminine beauty.

While this fact may make you feel validated, it’s still totally OK to still feel bothered by the unrealistic presentation of women’s bodies.

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